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Similarly, the fire of desire has to be fed with a lot satakak sacrifices. In the first sloka of his Yatiraja Saptati, Desika refers to Kamalaagrihamedhi Sreenivasa as the primordial guru or preceptor. Like all hills, the Tirumala Hill is also famous for its falls, such as Akasha-ganga, Paapa-vinaasa, and so on. You protect the DevAs dhrutha viBhudhE! Daya has to think for us and Snd out what will be for our ultimate and lasting good, and what will surely bring about ruin, and then proceed to gather the former and eschew the latter.

You help the lowly and the lofty chEthanams. This is one meaning. In other words not only must he be clever and capa DAYAA SATAKAM 45 ie matter dayz proper adjudication, but he must be powerful gh to effectuate and carry out his own decrees and dictates, kvords phala-vitarana-daksham refer to these aspects.

The PrAyascchitthams performed by them reduce the anger of the Lord.

Sri Vedanta Desikar Daya Satakam by R. Vedavalli on Spotify

If they are not in tact, it will be difficult even to climb the hills and get to the foot hills to live there at ThiruvEnkatam and enjoy the sevai to the Lord. You are like the river in that You drench all janthus with Your love flowing like an undrying stream. Your AchAryAs stressed this important message of Yours.


Protection of persons like us who are ignorant of our own yoga and kshema cannot be an easy task. Ever fresh and lovely, He will appear more fresh and lovely than usual then.

Accordingly ” Sevc Yogyatwam was the topic of the first decad. Auadhi, is boundary wr limit and is used both in; regard to space and, time-: Iswaryam, Kaivalyam and Moksham.

Daya Satakam Of Vedanta Desika

The Devasthanam published commentaries on the slokas in Ts Telugu and Kannada languages through the coin of the Bulletin. You are like the auspicious river Saraswathy, which is seen externally at some places BahirvAhini and at other places it flows underground antharvAhini.

This fourth decad of Daya Sataka deals with this trait of the Lord very pointedly as we shall see. But Daya’s great desire is to confer r erlasting bliss on all her votaries and she is not satisfied with ving them only the smaller and impermanent benefits and pleasures. The flow of thought in the commenta coming as it does from the heart of a great dev is exhilarating.

Daya wants to confer on us all sha or release from Samsara and residence in the Celestial le of Bliss. The majestic flow of water in those falls remind Desika of the flow of Daya, how from the heights of the mighty and majestic Lord, Daya flows down and down, lower and lower, till she bathes the lowliest of the low in her beneficient waters.


More by R. Vedavalli

Anna Rao to have commended the book to worshipping public by writing out an introduction. The Court is presided over not by a single judge but by a Bench.

Please drench adiyEn with Your huge waves that tear apart the root of the tree of SamsAram, which keeps dzya growing. Manu stands for laws, ordinances, rules and regulations. You are a tree that originates at the sacred feet of the Lord of Venkatam.

How can he overcome the dangers of the great waves that would destroy his boat? The body itself should be capable of free and easy movement. She makes Her Lord put up with our many trespasses to His sAsthrams.

When a queen travels on the streets of her Capitol at night,there are servants who carry lighted torches to illuminate the way. The auspicious guNams that arise at appropriate times are the wicks for that eternal lamp of the Bhagavath Saasthrams and the Vedams. Daya of Sridharal you dispel the darkness of your childn by the constant and unflickering lamp of Sastras which consists a suitably knit wick of threads and is ever full of oil.

It is ever cool.

And He pretends to xaya so out of His sportive instinct; far from being praised for this vicarious act of nobility ;Bfe receives nothing but disregard disrespect and contempt at the hands of the foolish.