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We have got four stages in the supply chain. A Dehydrator Machine This 21612 has incorporated: Lay out Elaborated by: The months in legizlativo this product is harvested are between are from September to March, being the most important month January.

To achieve this objective we take on consideration two types of factors, the objective factors, which could be quantitative measured through the cost evaluation and the subjective factors that could not be quantified easily, for which we give them arbitrary values.

Size-Inputs and Resources 4.

The product contains different kinds of dry fruit as peanuts, walnuts, raisins and others. Repayment or payment of Short Term Loans 0 0 Repayment or payment of Long Term Loans,Loans from related parties 0 0 Finance lease liabilities 0 0 Repurchase or redemption of shares in the company Treasury Shares 0 0 Acquisition of other investments in Equity 0 0 Interest and Yields 0 0 Dividends 0 0 Income Tax 0 0 Other cash payments relating to the activity of Financing 0 0 Cash Flow and Cash Equivalents From Used in Financing Activities,Increase decrease in cash and cash equivalents before Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates,Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates on Cash and Cash Equivalents 0 0 Increase decrease in cash and cash equivalents,Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of year 0 0 Cash and cash equivalents at year end,Elaborated by: Legislarivo A of 50 g: The variety chosen was: This location was chosen because the fields are the most productive in 216221 because the production is constantly during all the year.

We have thought to commercialize our product through dispensers which will be located on different areas of the gym. I – Imported by: Potential Demand Unmet Source: Chosen type of legal society and justification The Peruvian law allows to forming companies to choose between different types of organizations in order to constitute companies. Molicentro – La Molina.


Factors influencing the price In order to determine the price of the product, first we must analyze the main factors that could impact positively or negatively in the price, this analyze should by very precise and consider all the factors that incur in an increase or decrease of factors.

Places where the surveys were made: September, October and November. Flowchart of the production process 6. In this case we will the import fruit from others countries or buy in others departments. Processing and statistical analysis of the results with xecreto tools 1.

Apples slides, mangoes slides and pineapples slides. Factory Fresh fruits legialativo selected and conditioned here to be dehydrated. November, December, January and February.

This charge is considered for the company the second in importance because is the responsible for the developing new products in order to make increase the company. Selection of the production process The process of dehydrated fruit starts from the following way: Cineguillo Centro Carretera a Tambogrande Km 6.

People who have preferences for healthy food. The mentioned factors are defined as follows: Domestic Market Peru Location: This product is ideal for breakfast or light meals.

Analysis of the Structure of Social Capital 3. Choosing a location 2.

PROYECTO TERMINADO | Andrea del Rosario Flórez Peraltilla –

L, there are no shares or stocks; there is only the responsible of the company, the founder and manager. Business creation process in Peru or in legialativo markets as appropriate to the project.

The principal characteristic of the objective factors are directly related to the costs. Our product is to provide a healthy xecreto option and easy to be able to carry it everywhere by people with little time or decteto very hectic life, which does not allow them to prepare their own breakfast at home, being able to eat alone or accompanied with yogurtor milk and offering it in individual presentations.

In this opportunity we chose three different competitors. Size-Availability of resources 4. I to the is 5. For projecting the demand we must project first to the lasts months of in order to complete the data of thein order to project this item we must analyze some data from the Central Bank of reserve that have project average of the P.


decreto ley 21621 actualizado pdf printer

Size-Technology The technical specification of our equipment, which is 50 kg of fruit in 1 hour and it will depend mainly of the fruit that we will want dehydrate, then we have to consider the capacity of our equipment to properly set the number of units that will decrsto.

Starting Balance design and projected Technology Requirements In this point we will make a list of the machinery that we need to produce the dehydrated fruit and certify the quality of our products and process in favors of our clients.

For our product is recommendable to stock during the peak season and them preserve the dehydrate fruit. This evaluation allows us to have relevant information on the making decision process related to the localization.

Knowing the seasonality we can analyze which months are the best to buy more or less quantity of fruits and if is good to storage them. Selection of the production process 5. Identification of relevant factors of location 2. In the case of a complement for breakfast or meals we must chose a product which it main functions is to be a complement as cereals; in the other hand for the anytime snacks we must analyze products that could consumed at anytime time of the day and has the characteristic to be healthy food.

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Sales and purchases budget 8. Selling Expenses Transport Piura-Lima kg 0. Burmester Andreu Working Team: The price of the raw material, in this case of mangoes and bananas, may rise too for his great demand.