Klauzula ochronna, Organ, Konsultacja, Deklaracja, Klauzula arbitrażowa declaration CN22/CN23 or on a sheet of paper annexed to that document. 2. I am sending a couple of shipments a week outside of the eu, so need to attach a completed customs form cn22 to the parcel. Deklaracja powinna zawierac opis. Deklaracja cn22 pdf download. Zenstores makes it easier and faster to generate and print cn22 and cn23 customs declaration forms for royal mail business.

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It is not intended the home owner alters settings within this menu.

FTC Master failure 3. It is recommended to use deklaraxja If you wish to use the heated water from the heated pump for these purposes, take measure such as to the second heat exchanger within the water piping system.

Lower side Remove the 2 screws A control box cover screws. Zone2 2-way valve 2b local supply 3. FTC Slave has independent power source.

Deklaracja cn22 pdf

It follows that packaging classified with the goods, for example the boxes deklarscja which a product is packed for presentation for retail sale, must be included delaracja part of the product when determining the origin of the product. There may be a risk to get an electric shock. Multiple outdoor units control 9. Check settings and change as appropriate.

The Parties shall intensify their bilateral cooperation in this field in light of their mutual interest to facilitate access to both Parties markets and to increase mutual understanding deklaracjw awareness of their respective systems. Connect the main remote controller cable to the terminal block on the bottom case.

External output OUT11 will be available. Parts name Requirement Flow switch It is required to protect system from the effects of insufficient flow.

In case a Party considers that a measure applied by the other Party violates the covered legal instruments and such matter has not been resolved within 15 days after the Joint Committee has convened pursuant to Article 42 3 or 45 days after the delivery of the request for a Joint Committee meeting, either Party may request in writing the establishment of an arbitration panel.


If no satisfactory solution can be found the Party may have recourse to dispute settlement procedures under Title VI, with a view to maintaining an equivalent level of access to the other Party’s procurement market.


Its serial number is on the nameplate of the product. Check that the cover is securely installed. Entities producing electricity pursuant to Decreto-Lei n. The complaining Party shall notify the other Party of the benefits which it intends to suspend no later than 60 days before the date on which the suspension is due to take effect.

The main remote controller can be installed either in the switch box or directly on the wall. If pressure in DHW deolaracja is similar to that in incoming mains, cold water supply that merges with incoming mains water supply could flow back to DHW tank.

Incorrect setting of Running time 4. Cooling mode cannot run under 2-zone temperature control but can run both in Zone1 and Zone2 under 1-zone temperature control.

The wireless remote controller can be also used as a thermostat. Check the cause and reset if safe. Products originating in the Community shall, on importation into Mexico and products originating in Mexico shall, on importation into the Dekoaracja benefit from this Decision on submission of either:. A Party may seek such additional information on the award of the contract as may be necessary to determine whether the procurement was made fairly and impartially, in particular with respect to unsuccessful tenders.

Main remote controller operation Service Menu The deklaracjx menu provides functions for use by installer or service engineer.

The provisions of this Title shall apply with respect to any matter arising from this Decision or from Articles 2, 3, 4, and 5 of the Interim Agreement hereinafter the “covered legal instruments”. Connect the thermistor to monitor the Zone2 flow temp. When carrying out this review, the Joint Committee shall ensure that there will be no decrease in the amounts to be used in any national currency and shall furthermore consider the desirability of preserving the effects of the limits concerned in real terms.


The Special Committee shall deklagacja once a year on a date and with an agenda agreed in advance by the Parties. Such measures shall not ceklaracja applied in a manner which would constitute a means of arbitrary or unjustifiable discrimination where the same conditions prevail, or a disguised restriction on trade and shall be eliminated when the conditions no longer justify their maintenance. The office of chairman of the Special Committee shall be held alternatively by each of the Parties.

Each Party shall ensure that its entities do not, in the qualification and selection of suppliers, goods or services, in the evaluation of bids or the award of contracts, consider, seek or impose offsets. No new such measures shall be introduced. This will enable the user to view current settings but not change the parameters.

Customs duties on imports into Mexico of products originating in the Community listed in Annex II Tariff Elimination Schedule of Mexico under category “3” shall be eliminated in accordance with the following schedule:. Zone2 outdoor ambient temp. It is restricted to the stages before spinning takes place, including waste, and, unless otherwise specified, includes fibres that have been carded, combed or otherwise processed, but not spun.

The customs authorities of Mexico and the Members States of the Community or the competent governmental authority of Mexico shall provide deklagacja other, through the European Commission, with specimen impressions of stamps used in their customs offices for the issue of EUR.

This will happen when d e the outdoor ambient temperature rises above the selected temp.

When the system is turned off, freeze stat function is not enabled. Sanitary circuit Possible cause 1. Check the parts Fig. Be aware, and take care ofthat local velocities in small pipes, bends and similar obstructions can exceed the values above. Plug the lead wire cable into the top case.