Riding double never felt so fine When Bobby Blackhawk and Cale Yancey see a car slide off the highway and into an icy creek, they’ve got only minutes to get. Read Saddled by Delilah Devlin and Nina Carlisle by Delilah Devlin and Nina Carlisle by Delilah Devlin, Nina Carlisle for free with a 30 day free trial. Riding double never felt so fine When Bobby Blackhawk and Cale Yancey see a car slide off the highway and into an icy creek, they’ve got.

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Because of this book ebook! I don’t know why I keep reading Delilah Devlin – I always find her stories lacking.

Saddled by Delilah Devlin

View all 6 comments. Deevlin for telling us about the problem. Bobby Blackhawk and Cale Yancey see the car go off the road, and after Bobby jumps into the icy creek and saves her, they bundle Kate up in their truck and head for their nearby mountain cabin. Read this, if you must, for the joyless sex scenes, because that is all this one has to offer.

Saddled by Delilah Devlin

Bobby and Cale certainly lead an unusual life. Feb 18, Morgan rated it liked it Shelves: Are you chilled and in need of warming up before you deteriorate into full blown hypothermia?

The names have been changed to protect the While I admit enjoying Delilah Devlin stories I also have to admit that they are being to seem like repeaters. The two men are nothing more than meatheads, with Bobby Blackhawk being the recognizable Native American only because he grunts things out in short fragmented sentences like a refugee from a bad Native American historical romance.


The book is what I will call a sex book and nothing else. Maybe because the story was short that after finishing it my reaction was: There was a little chemistry with the characters. Loved the heroes that weren’t completely alpha–nice for a change–and the heroine’s passion for life and the need to live again kept me engaged. The characters all came across as rather unlikable and I found the rest of the story boring.

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Ratings and Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews. Yes, he’s c This short story e-book by Delilah Devlin asddled basically all about the sex between the three main characters, so if that’s not your thing or if you’re expecting something more, you’ll be disappointed. Not for the faint of heart.

Still the opening scenes were hot, but then the first sex scene just went straight to 10 with a sex act double vaginal penetration that I’ve never come across in erotica before and which really didn’t seem the place to begin, especially since it was sold as painful by the two guys, and the women concurred.

Oct 10, Devliin rated it liked it Shelves: A great little erotic novella!

But now that she caught him in their hotel room at the ski resort with their waitress from last night, Kate’s come to realize that this is what her future holds–a delilsh husband who doesn’t care enough about her feelings and who only wants a wife to make him look good. After refusing to read ’50 Shades of Grey’ I got lent this one instead.


At first Kate is a bit reluctant, but she’s trying to get over her busted engagement. Kate soon loses control of the car skidding off the road and Bobby and Cade instantly head to her rescue. Only about 80 pages so a quick read over a few evenings. This is the not the first menage that I’ve read. I just want to write the highlights for me to remember by in the future.

In all I found the synopsis of the book more exciting that the actual book itself. Only after spending some time and kisses with them, she fins herself drawn Delilah Devlin is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author with a rapidly expanding reputation for writing deliciously edgy stories with complex characters.

So this was definitely a smokin’ hot little story, but there was no real surprise with the ending, which was kind of sweet. You can also make a one-off donation via Paypal.