The DELTA XTEND System is a total semi-constrained shoulder arthroplasty. It reverses the normal relationship between the scapular and humeral components, . DePuy Delta Xtrend prosthesis has been designed using the lastest scientific, . Delta Xtend Reverse Shoulder System: recovery, function, and survivorship. 1. DePuy Delta Xtend tools; From DePuy Delta set – “Delta Extras” set. Impactor handle with simulated wood grip; Ball impactor head; Cup impactor head; Humeral.

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Place the trial articular surface and reduce the joint. The surgeon may wish to use the cup impactor to set the trial.

If you are looking for medical information about the treatment of shoulders, please visit shoulderarthritis. You may need delts use a clipboard to support the head if using the RA table or Beachchair attachment.

Ddlta clear adhesive plastic is used to cover all exposed skin. Use a high speed burr to make your pilot hole. Cofield Smith and Nephew Prostheses. Additionally, despite the fact edpuy the metaglene is substantially smaller, the stability has been improved by adding a curved back glenoid with variable angle, locking, and compression screws. The polyethylene cups are offered in multiple thicknesses with a standard, high mobility, or retentive option allowing the surgeon to achieve the optimal joint stability for each patient.

De,ta is no need to staple the drapes directly to the patient. The primary surgeon will mark the coracoid and a line from the coracoid down the deltopectoral delt. The glenosphere implants are available in two diameters, 38 mm and 42 mm, and are either standard or eccentric spheres. We generally use a 38mm standard sphere. The fancy cut protector shown left may be used at the discretion of the surgeon.

Slide the glenosphere on the 1. The guide plate should be held perpendicular to the plane of the glenoid face. Dpuy you are using a size 8 stem, which only comes with a number 1 head. If unable to reduce the joint, the options include additional soft tissue releases depug lowering the level of humeral resection.


Complete reaming is achieved when the external reamer flange is in full and complete contact withthe bone ddelta surface. When a satisfactory drilling direction has been obtained, drill and push until the cortex is perforated. Remove the stop drill and the central guide pin. The manufacture recommends power reaming but CTA patients often have soft bone and power may be overkill and dangerous.

Anterior glenohumeral dislocation Complications of Total Shoulder Arthroplasty. View the catalog Go to the Depuy Synthes website for more information.

The internal screwdriver rod should be removed prior to handing tool to the surgeon. Results of a Multicenter Study of 80 Shoulders. Drive the proximal reaming guide down until complete contact between the metal block and the resectioned bone surface is achieved.

Once it has been sufficiently freed, the humeral head should easily dislocate. A drape should be secured around the patients neck and the free end secured to the tape holding the patients head. Make an effort to preserve as much deltoid muscle as possible.

The implant orientation should be checked by making sure that the arm is held at 0 degrees of retroversion and face of the prosthesis is lined up with the axis of the body.

Reverse shoulder prosthesis / cementless – Delta XTEND™ – Depuy Synthes

Proceed with locking all variable angle screws used. The tip of the internal rod will make contact with the screw head. The size chosen, epiphysis size 1 or 2, will determine proximal reamer and final implant sizes. Insert the metaglene holder hex tip in the final metaglene implant central hole and tighten the assembly.

Approach Prior to making an incision, a formal timeout will be performed by the attending circulating nurse, and anesthesia team. Assemble the internal rod of the metaglene holder in the metaglene holder main body. Rotate the metaglene so that the inferior screw can be aimed toward the scapular neck. All junction surfaces between the implant components should be clean and free of any tissue before impaction.

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If possible, the drape should be tucked under the patient’s belt. Registration is free and gives you unlimited access to all of the content and features of Which Medical Device.

Academic Bibliography

If you have a subscapularis to repair, drill and fill 6 number 2 Tevdex suture through the proximal humerus near the lesser tuberosity to enable secure reattachment of the subscapularis if possible. Cement in the humeral implant as directed. When the trials are satisfactory, the trial glenosphere should be removed using the extraction T-Handle so dekta final implant fixation can be performed. Bursa should be removed to better visualize edlta subscapularis.

The modular humeral stem and epiphysis components are HA coated and intended for cementless use. We do not make your details available to any third parties nor do we send unsolicited emails to our members. The superior screw should be directed at the base of the coracoid process and should have an anterior orientation to avoid the suprascapular nerve.

Interference screw Acetabular prosthesis Femoral stem Knee prosthesis Three-compartment knee delra Suture anchor Cemented femoral stem Shoulder prosthesis Hip prosthesis Cemented knee prosthesis Cemented acetabular prosthesis Revision knee prosthesis Revision acetabular prosthesis Unicompartmental knee prosthesis Absorbable interference screw Reverse deltaa prosthesis Humeral head prosthesis Glenoid cavity prosthesis Humeral stem Revision hip prosthesis.

Humeral Cut Identify the midline of the humerus and mark the humeral head so that it is centered over the humeral shaft. Dleta is quick and dpeuy. Then slide the reaming guide into the reamer holder and fasten the two parts together by firmly tightening the upper round handle. Impact the trial implant by gently tapping the implant driver handle and remove the driver, leaving the trial implant in place.

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