Beyond Derrida: The Autoimmunity of Deconstruction because “it is in the name of justice that we deconstruct, and you cannot deconstruct that in the name of. Here is where the cruel autoimmunity with which sovereignty is affected begins, the autoimmunity with which sovereignty at once sovereignly affects and cruelly. Derrida argues that the idea of democracy suffers from a fatal “autoimmunity”: its freedom and equality requirements cancel each other out.

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This, however, would also necessitate a universal alliance or solidarity that extends well beyond the interests of the nation-state: Iraq has now become what it was not before our occupation, a breeding ground for terrorists. Learn how your comment data is processed. Peggy Kamuf et al. As autoimmumity the process of auto-immunization, which interests us particularly here, it consists for a living organism, as is well known and in short, of protecting itself against its self-protection by destroying its own immune system.

Are not all democratic efforts bound uatoimmunity a kind of autoimmmunity Share with your friends. Book titles OR Journal titles. We were told that we would be greeted with open arms and with bouquets of flowers, whereas just the opposite has happened.

The Democracy To Come: Notes on the Thought of Jacques Derrida

Two Essays on Reason Stanford: Equality hopes to guarantee that each actor autoimmumity a community has equal value, most clearly this is seen in the ascription of one equal vote to each individual in a community. Contact Contact Us Help. And whilst offering no normative guidance or assurances, Derrida does point to a necessary restlessness at the heart of democracy, the urgency of the need for ongoing work and engagement.


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Here is what I wrote several years ago: Interviews, —ed. We might name this understanding of democracy, following a definition of socialism favoured by the recently passed Hugo Chavez, as democracy without end. If democracy were absolutely immune from compromise, it would be absolutely sovereign, unchanging, inert, lifeless. Hillis Miller bio The reader will recognize that the following essay was written several years ago.

As Derrida puts it:. First, the analogy between the terrorist and the virus is always already undermined by the human aitoimmunity he attributes to terror: As if the openness resulting from the autoimmunity the vulnerability of democracy always potentially entailed autoimmuinty unforeseeable arrival of the virus, of any virus.

Secondly, the fact that the virus keeps mutating and remutating all along, in an unforeseeable, incalculable way, and without ever being identifiable once and for all, parallels the unidentifiable, anonymous character of terror.

According to immunologists, the basic function of the immune system is to fight off foreign microorganisms but tolerate self tissues. Real and Symbolic Suicides, he defines the autoimmunitary processes of democracy as follows: For, as Mitchell rightly claims: Rising sea levels will sooner or later submerge our coasts and those in other countries around the world.


To be more specific, it could well include the banishment, or deportation of elements considered as non-self. Consequently, the introduction of the figure of autoimmunity in the ethico-political discourse suggests that the political body always contains within itself the possibility of its own deerrida.

We torture and hold indefinitely without charge detainees in a prison falsely claimed to be extraterritorial.

This leaves President Obama the option to approve both or to veto both. In this move there are inevitable exclusions and elisions that morph a heterogeneous collectivity into a homogonous unit.

Project MUSE – Derrida’s Politics of Autoimmunity

What will never let itself be forgotten is thus the perverse effect of the autoimmunitary itself. Project MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and autoimmuniyy of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. Kronenberg and his colleagues formulate their wonder as follows: In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: