The Vuilleumier cryocooler is a heat engine which uses heat energy rather for the machine, and detailes of design based an isothermal thermodynamic cycle. PDF | A detailed experimental results of one-stage VM cryocooler with Experimental study on a one-stage Vuilleumier cryocooler with large pressure ratio VM-PT cryocooler can be designed in several configurations. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Study of a Vuilleumier cycle cryogenic This effort led to the selection of an optimum refrigerator design for the LSIR the feasibility of using a Vuilleumier cryocooler to cool a flight-type detector [35].

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Usually there are two pistons moving in opposite directions driven by AC magnetic fields as in loudspeakers. Gifford-McMahon GM coolers [4] have found widespread application in many low-temperature systems e. The basic type of Stirling-type cooler is depicted in Fig. The compression heat is removed by cooling water. One must also prevent oil vapor from entering the regenerator by high-quality purification traps. Another type of Stirling cooler is the split-pair type Fig.

In this way the swept volume of the compressor can be 50 60 times smaller than of the cooler. It is used to cool some particular application to cryogenic temperatures.

Usually helium is the working fluid. The Vuilleumier cryocooler has the potential advantages of long lifetime and low mechanical vibration. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The cycle starts with the low-pressure crjocooler valve closed, the high-pressure hp valve open, and the displacer all the way to the right so in the cold region. The cooling cycle is split in 4 steps as depicted desugn Fig.


Note that even a perfect heat exchanger will not affect the entrance temperature T i of the gas. February 25, received: In its most extreme form an ideal regenerator has the following properties:.

This paper describes the specifications required for the machine, and detailes of design based an isothermal thermodynamic cycle.

Basically cheap compressors of domestic refrigerators can be used, but one must prevent overheating of the compressor as it is not designed vuilleumoer helium. After the JT expansion, point d, it has a temperature of Journal home Journal issue About the journal. The pulse tube refrigerator is treated in a separate article.

Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. This leads to losses. Helium at pressures in the 10 to 30 bar range is the working fluid. It leaves the exchanger at point uvilleumier. It leaves the heat exchanger at room temperature point a.

The heat contact with the gas must be good and the flow resistance of the matrix must be low. Register Already have an account?

Usually the regenerator and the displacer are combined in one body. The pressure variations in the cold head are obtained by connecting it periodically to the high- and low-pressure sides of a compressor by a rotating valve.

A schematic diagram of a JT liquefier, is given in Fig.

Information related to the author. Basically it is a very simple type of cooler which is widely applied as cryocooler or as the final stage of liquefactors.


In this way the efficiency is improved and the vuilleumierr pressure is much lower than bar. The volume V is the volume between the two pistons.

After compression the gas temperature is ambient temperature K and the pressure is bar point b. In practice vuilleeumier cycle is not divided in discrete steps as described above.


Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved from ” https: From left to right it consists of: This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat The Vuilleumier cryocooler is a heat engine which uses vuillleumier energy rather than mechanical energy to cyclically pressurize the working gas. Transactions of the Society of Mechanical Engineers. The liquid fraction is x.

Demonstration testing of a Vuilleumier cryocooler with an integral

The recent progress in the cryocooler field is for a great deal due to the development of new materials with a high heat capacity below 10K. When used as a cryocooler it is preferable to use gas mixtures instead of pure nitrogen. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. From left to right it consists of a piston, a compression space, and heat exchanger all at ambient temperature T aa regenerator, and a heat exchanger, expansion space, and a piston all at the low temperature T L.

The cold head contains a compression and expansion space, a regenerator, and a displacer.