Sure, I can give you a basic outline of the dhoop kinare story, although I The story revolves around the leads, Dr. Ahmer and Zoya Ali Khan. She was actually the director of Dhoop Kinare! The Story behind that is that Rahat Kazmi and Sajid Hassan were bored and hanging out and. Dhoop Kinare – Get movie reviews, story, trailers, cast, songs of Dhoop Kinare. Also get movie promos, video, photo gallery & box office report on.

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She retains her carefree antics in the seriousness of the hospital life and comes in critique of Ahmer.

Bano and Jinare sharing a moment in ‘Daastan’. Dr Sheena puts Zoya down, messes with her by making her look incompetent, and asserts that Dr Ahmer is hers. In Mah-e-Meer trailers too we see lead actress Iman Ali as the embodiment of that veiled eroticism in her role as a courtesan.

He is very upset over the turn of events as he feels let kknare by his adopted father. So she had a British mom and was a Pakistan air force brat who actually couldn’t even really speak Urdu. I sometimes think it’s just another thing people use to define themselves and judge others.

Drama of The Week – Dhoop Kinare! |

Views Read Edit View history. P and yes that is the shame i was talking about,in general sense She was actually the director of Dhoop Kinare!!!! Jul 24, Ahmer Ansari Rahat Kazmi is bereaving the death of his foster father played by Arshad Mehmood whom he calls Baba an affectionate word for father in Urdu. Ahmer leaves the property to Zoya and then plans on leaving the country. So in real life Rahat Kazmi was quite an intellectual and had actually gotten through to the Pakistan IAS – which he gave up for his love of acting- which is unheard of – then and now!!!


Miss the golden days! As you can imagine his wife the director had a heart attack! Irfan Sajid Hassan who is a junior colleague of Dr Ahmer. The story lines are crass and redundant. Thursday, November 28, Dhoop Kinare.

There are exclusive works from pak drama industry which r worth to watch He feels wronged because of the secret Baba kept to himself all his life. All the side characters had just kinrae important role to play in this drama as the main characters.

Rahat Kazmi as Dr. This is the link. That very basic connection to nature is often a conduit for romance in the culture of the subcontinent using the summer rain as a metaphor for desire seeking an escape.

While he is a strict teacher, he also helps her to realize the importance of the work they do. Ahmer just like that but it was only Zoya, who knew she had to convey her feelings to let the other person know how hard it was to keep up with the trials they put Zoya through.

Oh no, there’s been an error

Here humour was the key, their easy, dnoop acceptance of each other made their romance just as meaningful as any star crossed lovers. A scene from Mah-e-Meer In Mah-e-Meer trailers too we see lead actress Iman Ali as the embodiment of that veiled eroticism in her role as a courtesan. Back in the conservative days of PTV of the s, there was no way anyone would be caught on-screen declaring their true feelings by saying I love you.


Marina Mornings- Dhoop Kinaray Kinaree 1 http: When Zoya hears about his planned departure, she goes after him one more time. However, the scope fhoop romance has slowly become more and more limited as male protagonists have become villains rather than heroes and our heroines have lost agency and sit weeping in corners, waiting to be rescued.

Baba gifts the house to his granddaughter, whom he never met. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Drama of The Week – Dhoop Kinare!

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Need class and plot sophistication, and talented actors, like Dhoop Kinaare. Drama serials from classic to present day steal our heart. Hope to see such dramas in future and expect Saira Kazmi as well Rahat kazmi will do some thing for revival of drams in Pakistan.

Since then they both share a cordial relation because they both mean the world to each other. Iam an Indian and new kinre watching Pakistani shows and i find them really amazing piece of work. Posted by MG at 9: Even in Dhoop Kinarey Dr.