The razing of Melos, and the selling of its inhabitants into slavery, was not a ” Strutture e funzione del dialogo in Tucidide e in PseudoSenofonte”, In , La . El diálogo de los melios es un pasaje perteneciente al Libro V () de la Historia de la Guerra del Peloponeso, escrita por el historiador griego Tucídides. Přečtěte si nejlepší citáty od autora Tucídides. Para el político ateniense homónimo, véase Tucídides. Tucídides fue un h.

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Convening an assembly he was still a commander he wanted to put some spine in them, and by drawing off the empassionment of their resolution, to turn them to more gentleness and confidence. Should it not directly have followed the Archaeology?

Book 2 53 military potential. The Spartans no longer sent out others, for they feared that those who left Sparta turned bad—which the case of Pausanias could be seen to confirm.

Book 2 61 The passage traces Pericles’ success as a leader not only to his reason and incorruptibility but to the standing he enjoyed. Finley, Thucydides Cambridge, Mass.

The war as projected through the speeches of the first book is a chess game, logical and remote, a testing ground of ideas and strategies. The Spartans, 32 A similar pattern appears tucidide chapter If so minded, we can devise elaborate surveys or in-depth interviews and exploit the techniques of the social sciences to gauge “reader response.

It recurs in book 6, esp. T 2 a and b, Book I 29 it becomes evident that the opening chapters are a demonstration, and a proud and eloquent one, of Thucydides’ methods.

These three sections in turn contain ring compositions of varying degrees of elaborateness outlined in Appendix One cf. Greece—History—Peloponnesian War, B. As so often the composition question has obscured the problem, with advocates of a late dating for this section of the work arguing that the references to such fortifications must belong after Deceleia and advocates of earlier composition point out that such ideas were discussed long before the actual operations began.


Frantic violence became the attribute of manliness; cautious plotting, a justifiable means of self-defence. Thus Thebes seems to have had quite limited objectives in the war, and to have been willing at first to make only a modest commitment to the Peloponnesian side. But the contrast between the Athenian conduct and the Spartan illustrates the Corinthian claim that the Spartans do less than their power allows while when the Athenians “defeat an enemy, they push the advantage as far as they can; if defeated, they retreat as little as they must” ch.

The tension between the attitude of the author and those of the audience thus never need turn to confrontation. Taking the mean 85 between the largest and smallest crew sizes and assuming mere were no other warriors aboard Thucydides concludes that “not many seem to have gone on this expedition considering that they went from all Greece in common” 1. Indeed this was shown by the Syracusans, who were most like the Athenians in character, and also most successful in combating them. All these events among the Greeks and between them and the Persians took place in approximately fifty years between the withdrawal of Xerxes and the beginning of this war.

And if they march with their infantry against our territory, we will sail against theirs.

Batalla de Melos – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

The best introduction to the problem is R. See Gomme in HCT on 1. Egermann, “Thukydides iiber die Art seiner Reden und iiber seine Darstellung der Kriegsgeschehnisse,” Histori a 21 Hence, from Pericles’ point of view all depends diapogo Athenian willingness to implement and adhere to this strategy. The nature of that standing becomes clear by the contrast to his successors,27 whose obsession with private advancement and gain drove them to flattery of the masses and made them followers rather than leaders.

Thucydides adopts the rhetoric used to criticize the Athenian empire of his day cf. This perverse law and logic Thucydides exposes, without implying that this one issue resolves the wider question of responsibility for the war. Nonetheless we would expect a clearer tucixides of her hostility to Athens, an important strategic factor in the outbreak of the war.


Frases de Tucídides

They argue that the plague is not to be identified with any known disease but is an illness that has since become extinct or dormant. We can already detect that his treatment of this war will not fully reproduce the initial austere but confident tycidides to the Greek past but will break new ground and grow into a new form. Some took turns sleeping while others rowed.

Tuciiddes effect of his speech then is, as often in Thucydides, complex. Knowing the outcome of the war, we recognize the discrepancy between his confidence and the difficulties that await both sides. The issue was dated March 9,— the very height of the conflict.

The two phrases coalesce in the discussion of Troy: For an interesting investigation of the readership of Herodotus’ work see S.

Hence, Dow’s emendation, “Thucydides and the Number of Acharnian Hoplitai, TAPA 92is attractive; he would reverse the first two letters of the noun and read politai, “citizens,” instead of hoplitai, “hoplites.

Siege of Melos

It appealed to various audiences and took various forms, including highly moralizing versions. It now became possible to give passages their full emotional force and to recognize the role of suffering in the work. Hansen, Symbolae Osloenses 56 Once again the reader views events ironically, knowing that the war will be far more difficult than the Spartans anticipate.

With this record they come to Athens to seek aid and represent themselves as the victims 1. The Melians rejected the ultimatum.

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