In this marvelous book, Salaman describes and illustrates every tool used in the leather-working trades in Great Britain from about until the present time. A reprint of Salaman’s classic reference, out of print for ten years, describing and illustrating in black and white virtually every tool used in the leatherworking. Dictionary of Leather-Working Tools, C. And the Tools of Allied Trades by R. A. Salaman Paperback: pages Publisher: Astragal.

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Please contribute your own review: Sales This sub leaatherworking NOT intended for buying, selling, or trading of goods and tools. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Tols. This makes the pages specifically devoted to boot and shoe making very relevant to anybody making footwear on a small scale today. Free returns for six months. Dictionary of Leather-Working Tools c. Use the flair function on your post so they’re searchable. Much Ado About Planing Stops.


No photo-only posts Photo only posts are not leatuerworking. No Leather care dedicated posts We understand you want to dictionaty the best possible care of your ready-made leather goods.

The Comely Advertiser – Dec. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. There are even two pages devoted to the construction and part names of a shoe, as well as many pages reproduced from various toolmakers catalogues and suppliers of things such as specialist nails and studs.


Hope it’s helpful for you all. This has generated items and comments from tpols, in particular the USA. Although written from a British viewpoint, the author consulted and visited widely when doing his research.

Tools, History, and Early Technical Processes. The Dictionary of Leather-Working Tools is no less distinguished. No Advertisements Advertising posts such as referral links, crowdfunding campaigns, etc are not permitted. Often there is also a further illustration showing the tool in use.

However, it is much more than that. You sir are a treasure trove of information and a real asset to the Leatherworking community.

What makes it special, however, is that it covers all the tools used in boot and shoe making with an explanation of how they are used, usually with illustrations. We will use our discretion to approve posts by company representatives that constructively engage with and improve the community. Dropbox Dcitionary to the Book. However this sub is dedicated to making leather goods, any discussions about care should be in the context of finishing a project as a maker.

The Dictionary Leatherworking Tools circa sounds like a learned academic work, and in some ways it is. I’ll update the link in a few days with a version that OCR and chapter links but for now leatherworkig full version is available on the link just without OCR ran on it.

Dropbox Link to the Book Wanted to share this with the community. Two is better than one.

It won’t let me look at it and I don’t seem to be able to download it. Post a comment containing details about your project, such as leather type, thread used, tools used, etc.


Please contact the manufacturer regarding any care of the goods. What am I doing wrong?

Dictionary of Leather-Working Tools – Leather Tools –

Want to add to the discussion? Like many craft trades shoemaking tools have, in the main, been around for for a long time. That is not all, there are sections on leather decorating, clog making, harness and saddle making, as well as many other trades. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. There are chapters on leather manufacture Tanner’s tools and Currier’s tools and on tools for the decoration of leather.

Classic Texts on Tools and Woodworking. Invest in your craft. Wanted to share this with the community. I have updated the file in the link to be searchable, with a significantly smaller file size that should help with some of the download issues a few were having. See here for more details on the reasoning why. There’s a ton of good information in this book and I think it would be valuable for a lot of people wondering what some of the tools they’ve seen on eBay are supposed to be for.

Sharp and Ready to Use. Coded entirely in NYC. Looking forward to the OCR version. This page book written by R.