Sturmtruppen is a popular and succesful satiric comic, written and drawn by Bonvi (real name: Franco Bonvicini). They started as four-frame comic strips . Jan 17, Explore Bruno Gran’s board “Sturmtruppen” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Comics, Cartoon and Cartoons. Documents Similar To (eBook Comic German) Bonvi – Die Sturmtruppen – Nr Sturmtruppen pdf. Uploaded by. Juankar Martin · Die Sturmtruppen (Bonvi).

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Sturmmtruppen gives a clear idea of the black humour and Kafkaesque atmosphere of this comic book. Available miniatures and models. Several deliberate anachronisms such as mentions of the Kaiser appear throughout the series, giving the impression that the war in question wages on endlessly, and that the stories told could be, in fact, referring to any war.

For the German assault troops, see Stormtrooper. Now they are out of production apart from some reissues becoming a rare expensive collection items.

The series continued until the early s.


But criticism can subtly extend to today life’s aspects, including TV predominance, class divisions and Roman Church ‘s dogma. Stumrtruppen series never explicitly mentioned that the war being fought is actually World War II, since no specific date is ever mentioned.

Views Read Edit View history. On strmtruppen August Miramax moved forward with plans to create a live-action movie based on Sturmtruppen. The diorama also reflects the typical scenery of Sturmtruppen comics: It started as four-frame comic strips back in and evolved into fully sized collector books by the s.

STURMTRUPPEN (from Bonvi’s comic books) – phersuminiatures

Old models and miniatures galleries. I’ve grown sturmtruppdn of hafing to say ‘Yes, sir’ to anyone with a higher ranken. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sturmtruppen is a successful Italian series of anti-war comic books written and drawn by Bonvithe artistic pseudonym of Franco Bonvicini. The stories and characters themselves are based partly on the military experience of the author himself, and partly on military literature Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western FrontGuy Sajer’s The Forgotten SoldierSven Hassel ‘s books, etc There are two film adaptations one of which starring Bonvi himself which, however, weren’t well received at all by everyone.


Sturmtruppen (Comic Book) – TV Tropes

The bases are all Atlantic: Sturmtruppen ‘ s success spurred two cinema adaptations. Retrieved from ” https: The tank haven’t any insignias or plates, like in the original comic. Interlanguage link template link number. I kan barely vait to return to being an anonymous civilian and being able to zay ‘Yes, sir’ to any of my superiors This little diorama is a modest tribute to Bonvi and his Sturmtruppen, an also cojic the Atlantic toysoldiers, both had a great influence on children and boys in Italy during the 70’s.

The whole thing comes out as an anti-war comic and a filled with criticism against the “blind obedience to authority”, the absurdity of war and military bureaucracy Bonvi was an anarchist and proud of itand the implications that military and civilian are Not So Different as seen in the quote above.

A trademark of the comic is the use of an improper, German -mocking Italianusually achieved by adding a final “-en” to most Italian words, or by exchanging “q”s with “k”s, and “v”s with “f”s to achieve a “German-sounding” Italian.

There are, however, occasional references to specific battle theaters, place names as well as the mostly accurate portrayal sturmturppen vehicles, weapons and uniforms of the period. Sturmtruppen concerns sturmtduppen misadventures of an anonymous German army unit which is implied to be a battalion in various war theatres of World War IIby portraying the daily life, sufferings, problems and joys of the average, anonymous soldier.


Diorama, figures and tank made in February Italian comics titles Italian animated television series Italian comic strips Italian comics characters Fictional German people Fictional German Army personnel Comics set in Germany Anti-war comics comics debuts Comics characters introduced in Humor comics Military humor War comics Military comics Italian comics adapted into films Comics adapted into video games.

I grow up with these comics and toysoldiers, and I consider them as Italian prides.

This page was last edited on 20 Septemberat The Atlantic toysoldiers entertained a generation, especially in Italy, they introduced many of us in the modeling hobby, and also inspired someone to study or have an interest for history.

Most simple soldiers are given generic “German” names such as Otto, Franz, Fritz, etc. The merciless and cynical humor of Strumtruppen comics criticize the stupidity of war and of many other human behavior, it’s still funny despite nearly 40 years old, and in most cases the satirical critics are still actual… unfortunately The Atlantic toysoldiers entertained a generation, especially in Italy, they introduced many of us in the modeling hobby, and also inspired someone to study or have an interest for history.

Sturmtruppen is a popular and succesful satiric comic, written and drawn by Bonvi real name: Despite clearly recognizable as German soldiers or Italian like “the brave ally Schussolini” character no one single national, ideological or political simbol is never shown in the original Sturmtruppen comics.

The first one, Sturmtruppenwas co-written by Bonvicini and directed by Salvatore Samperi.