New to digikam? Needs some help? First, read carefully the digikam documentation. It’s actively maintained and you should find most of what you need there. digiKam is an immensely powerful photo management application, and mastering it requires time Facts about the digiKam Recipes book: Documentation. So I told digiKam where to find my monitor profile and I have a If you have very specific requirements for documenting of editing steps the Versions function .

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This program tells the hotplug module, which cameras are supported by the installed version from gPhoto. I just upgraded my preferred linux distribution but now I have warnings about utf Should you keep the png-files or convert them to the far smaller JPEG files for storage?.

Docuumentation specifications are used to render the banner at the top of the thumbnail view. This is fast, but a preview only, no raw data. This settings is located in Doxyfile from root source directory.

digiKam – Support

See above for details about how to use another language. Every time you open a JPEG image, edit it, save the file and close it, the image is compressed and quality is lost. Look here to learn more about utf-8 and unicode: But if you add a new theme, you will have to restart digiKam for the new theme to be recognized.


You could, however rather keep the lossless png files and only create JPEG copies in the moment you want to take your images to the print shop, send them by email or post them on the web.

All you have normally to do is. On debian-based distribution eg Debian, Ubuntuyou can install the required packages with: The best way to color-manage the display is to establish a custom profile and use that one, a procedure dlgikam be repeated every other year or so for aging reasons.

Why thumbnail generation stops at the first video file I have? Reporting bugs and wishes Please use the KDE bug tracking system for all bugreports and new feature wishlists.


ISONew Locale: The header is the place where you can add some comments, give credit to yourself… Look an existing XML theme file for details. How do I use it with digiKam? There are tips for doing things that even those of us who have been using the software for years may not have stumbled upon.

Digikam will warn you when you change your locale with a new encoding.

Please use the KDE bug tracking system for all bugreports and new feature wishlists. Please be warned that this will change the font behavior of all KDE applications! How can I inform you about bugs and wishes?


I have a warning when starting digiKam about new character encoding. The language files are installed with digikam. BannerBorder indicates whether a border should be drawn around the banner, using BannerBorderColor.

Both scripts could be downloaded here. Requirements The following requirements should be fullfilled to use digiKam with the hotplugging feature. It will be more precise than the standard profile and it will include gamma correction – no dark images anymore in bit mode!

digikam-devel – digiKam API documentation

Most digital cameras store images in jpeg format on the memory card. If you are sure that you want to continue, click on ‘Yes’ to work with this album.

See this documentation to import and update in doxygen:. There are also some informations here: I want something working well, simple to drive and configure. How to deal with utf-8 encoding? For two good reasons: How to create a dcumentation theme? Can you add drivers for my camera?