We at DigiTech® are very proud of our products and back up each one we sell .. The Looper in the JamMan Delay Looper offers true stereo looping with Digitech JAMMAN DELAY LOOPER PHRASE SAMPLER Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Digitech JAMMAN DELAY LOOPER PHRASE SAMPLER. View and Download DIGITECH JAMMAN owner’s manual online. JAMMAN DJ Connect the JamMan Delay’s to the input of an Left (Mono) oUt amplifier. 2.

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Recording A Loop This section explains how to record a phrase and play it back as a continuous loop. The ability to use the delay and looping functions of the JamMan Delay together is its biggest selling-point. Free-form looping see page 38 is the standard way loopers have been used since their inception.

To delete a loop from a memory location, follow these steps: I recently purchased a Digitech Jamman Stereo the new four-switch version on the strength of functionality reviews. Significant design flaw IMHO. Page 55 Time Signature You have 99 slots so you can get as complex as you want but it takes a bit more effort to build.

Undo, Redo, And Clear Undo, Redo, and Clear You can undo or redo an overdub anytime you remain in the current memory where the overdub was recorded. You can combine delays and loops and keep everything in time. Begin with the JamMan Delay power disconnected. A palette of 8 delay types offers tremendous flexibility in crafting virtually any delay sound.

Page 10 Quick Start – Looper 2. Page 27 The Amp Loop connection can be used if your amp has an effects loop.



The first three allow jxmman to switch between different pre-set delays, and the fourth allows you to set the tempo of the delay. You have pedals assigned to separate loops and just tap them to turn them on and off.

The lower row of footswitches on the Jamman Delay has the same functions as the four footswitches on the Jamman Stereo: With Digitech and Boss leading the looper market, Digitech has a lot of hype to live up to with this new, feature-laden offering.

Page 17 Quick Start – Delay 4. Page 35 Storing and Recalling Delay Settings The warranty registration card must be mailed within ten days after purchase date to validate this warranty, or you can register via our website www.

The dry path does maintain stereo separation. Page 19 Controls jammna level of the Rhythm guide track. The Digitech Jamman Delay has 8 foot switches for easy live use. The maximum loop time the JamMan Delay can record or play is 10 minutes.


Select the phrase you want to delete using the buttons. Our members also liked: Page 31 Signal Path Start Recording Press the lower left footswitch to start recording.

Select a loop memory location that lights the LED. Instead of offering new looping features, Digitech has gone Frankenstein and assembled a new pedal out of parts of others. For now with my electro-acoustic Takamine, a Marshall acoustic amp 50D Overdubs can only be recorded to Loop phrases and not to Eigitech phrases. Page 25 32GB in size for expanding the total amount of loop storage time available.


Quick Start – Looper 2. Page 12 Quick Start – Looper delat. The time-stretching and quantize features are still firmly in place on the Jamman Delay. Quick Start – Looper 4.

Digitech JamMan Delay Looper Demo

Thankfully, Digitech is one step ahead, and you can actually synch the delay time with the loop time using the footswitches. The Amp Loop connection can be used if your amp has an effects loop. The pedal has three sets of delay your own settingsbut these switches could also be assignable to loops, it would have been huge! The looping function is only half of the story with the Jamman Delay, of course. Then, I would ask you a question: Quick Start – Delay 2. Comments to this Manuals Your Jaamman.

Select a Delay Type. Recording Overdubs Once a loop phrase is recorded, you can add overdubs over the top of it.

Step on a Delay footswitch to turn on the delay, then select a delay type. Setting the tempo in an empty loop memory location automatically starts playing the rhythm guide track Rhythm Level must be turned up to hear the guide track.

Press and hold this button for 2 seconds to enable or disable this feature. Turn this knob clockwise to increase the output level, and counter-clockwise to decrease the output level. Enter text from picture: By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.