The instructions show how to do this, but it’s easy even if you don’t have instructions. There are 3 cylinders on the right side. The left one holds. Description: While the Dignitet curtain wire looks nice, it is not the most functional since it tends to sag (even when tensioned properly taut, it will. A great idea, but needs a lot of work. No detailed instructions. The screws to tighten to wire are tiny and easily lost, they wouldn’t tighten onto the wire on one of.

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I’m confused about how much fabric to use? Took me lots of looking but I found it!! We found a very similar system at Pottery Barn.

Hi Lacie — that sounds like a very interesting project! A stud finder can come in handy here.

Do I have to go back to the store or is there somewhere else Ihstructions can get the manual from? Remember as we mentioned above; the posts are designed to have a right and left position, and are marked accordingly.

Looks like the perfect solution for draping my not so pretty aluminum patio awning. If you need more, your local hardware store should carry the same diameter wire. I did not understand how the wire cable is tightened. Victoria T – there is a special part you seat the cable into and they provide a special allen wrench to tighten the wire to create the tension. After you complete the last post layout, you should have 4 strings hanging from your ceiling.

However, despite how I pulled the “rope” to tighten the slack, I just couldn’t level it out. Thank you soo much for this! The hardest thing is positiong the wire plates at either wall exactly where you want them if no studs are present.


Attach the cable, and tighten it.

I saw great possibilities with this curtain-hanging set, so I bought it. Liz Abrasion dignutet as we say above: I’m tempted to buy this unique set-up for my laundry room windows. Then hold the string on the ceiling until the string just touches the measuring tape or rule.

How to: Add tension to Dignitet wire curtain

I had already extended instrutcions post screw to its furthest position in order to be able to adjust and pull the cable tight. Layout The Posts Working insyructions your head on the ceiling, is a bit difficult. Our layout was made easier thanks to a handy plumb bob we made on site with mason’s twine and small weight we used the mounting plates from the wire kit, but you could also use a washer, thread spool, or spoon When you get the correct position, tape the string to the ceiling.

Attach the clips to the top your curtains, spacing them evenly.

Installing Cable Wire for Hanging Curtains | Sew4Home

The wire is rather difficult to cut, and Instructtions had to purchase new wire when I’ve needed it to be longer than what I have left. Please assign your manual to a product: You’ll need it this way to tighten rignitet cable. Just buy the exact length you need from their large reel. I then put innstructions on the cable, and trimmed it so it would seat into the holder all the way. But don’t loosen too much. Due to the high tension of the wire, we do not recommend these simple expansion fasteners.

Also, the stuck-on plaster was impossible to remove from the wall-mounts until I figured out the solution: Thanks for the easy directions! I had to bring in the big guns for this project as my own ‘power tool’ experience leans more towards sewing machines than drills.


Hope that helps a little bit. Do you know what the Pottery Barn may name their system? I tightened and untightened screws, and finally, after a couple hours of all this, I just gave up.

The main issue is making sure you have a strong stable surface to drill into – a stud, molding, etc. The string is going to want to swing, so take care to calm it down to perfectly still.

Other systems are available. But the most important thing isn’t really the tensile strength of the cable — it is really very good — it’s what you are screwing the anchors into.

Having a friend helps here, but isn’t necessary. I am doing this to divide a room on the cheap and will be off down Ikea tomorrow! Ikea still carries this line of products, you might be able to find more information from their site. I like to do this step, because it makes the layout of the other two holes in the bracket easier, and is very accurate. Somewhere on the instructlons it reads, “Easy to cut. Once you determine where you want to place your bed, decide how much curtain you want.

Take special care to lay out your posts on the ceiling to get as close to a true rectangle as possible. Answer when your time permits.

I just bought this cable kit from Ikea and plan on hanging curtains with it. The cable can create a lot of tension, and will pull out simple anchors. Loosen the nuts on the right side, insert the wire, and tighten the tiny nuts again. Not finding what you are looking for? I just installed this today for a room instructione in a small room.