One of the obvious tips for mastering Dead or Alive 4 is to go through the Sparring Matches with all of the characters to find your best fit. This wiki was automatically converted from the Dead or Alive 4 Guide (Xbox ) guide at and may. Dead or Alive 4 – Unlockables List. Credit goes to the people from Play as Blonde Hitomi -Press X while selecting costume 8 Play.

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On many of the earlier costumes, including the two initially usable ones, pressing Y will result in glasses being added.

If it’s explosive the dmg adds up on each hit for extreme damage. Dead or Alive 4 Follow. It is worth learning this move so practice it over and over. I mean the damn thing has been shown in cut scenes and all over so what’s p with that? Brad’s lying-down throws are a great way to punish an opponent that gets too close after knocking you down. Time to move onto some advanced basics, that will actually help you in gameplay.

Hit ‘er with a ton of brick-breaking combos in succession of one another without stopping. Do you truly think you’re ready to slap the computer opponents or worse, human opponents in the face and live to tell the tale?

Throws- 1 The Izuna Drop. A few things to take note of.

Dead or Alive 4 – Unlockables List

Assuming the first punch missed. If the opponent tech rolls when they hit the ground or simply gets up without doing anything than pretend they didn’t fall down and continue with your normal fighting strategy.

These kind of hesitations are built fuide the moves, which can throw your opponents off of their games, since most strikes within a combo are usually delivered in as rapid a succession as possible. With these, doq4 jump backwards, plant her feet on the wall, and leap ugide, launching an attack that’s difficult to spot from long range.


Anytime you can get them with this while they’re in the air it’s more beneficial ddoa4 anytype of combo you can perform. Use A Wide Variety of Combos: Human -Be prepared to low throw. Try stuttering your inputs here to further confuse your opponents; the last K in the Renten-Maifu, for instance, can be input anytime before Ayane’s foot hits the ground after the second kick in the sequence, letting you fake your opponent into believing that you’re temporarily done attacking.

Included a warning about the possible mistakes contained in them since Mr. A challenge between either human opponents or the computer.

Well Yes and No. Next up, you’ll want to get a little more complex and learn how to perform holds in the middle of an enemy counter.

Dead or Alive 4 FAQ/Strategy Guide for Xbox by ArcHarry – GameFAQs

If you click the right analog stick during this session, you’ll be able to get a preview of how the move should look. The most obvious members of Zack’s movelist are the rapid-fire kick combos, such as Mad Beast and Mad Hound, which typically open with one or two punches before shifting over to a sequence of four kicks, either mid or low.

Stand at the edge of their attack range. The second reason to not do this is while you are entering and in the Nin stance you cannot block counter, attack, or do anything but use the ninpo.

Veteran players however are very aware of Jann Lee’s moves and his basic attacks will become a lot less effective against them. Take a look at these in the Throws menu of your command list and give them a whirl.


Dead or Alive 4 Walkthrough

Keep in mind that if a car is headed toward you it will swerve to the other side. Look below in “hard to do moves” section for an easy way to perform it. If you use the same combos over and guidee again, you’re going to find yourself getting pummelled, as your opponents will read your attacks and start adapting to them. Situational moves- These are a few ideas of moves to perform when Ryu is in certain situations. The command inputs huide some of his holds and special moves aren’t even accurate in the 4.

If they DO then you can throw them, and if they don’t then just continue on attacking them. Some people are VERY predictable. Using this attack will pull you back a few feet allowing you to dodge their attack. We need to look at how he’s changed, in my opinion for the worse and work with that.

To initiate guice Kasenko, enter either b, f, P or f, b, P. Spartan’s charge moves however are a very redeeming quality as they are some of the fastest and most powerful in the game. This page has been accessed 13, times. If you hit someone that is trying to throw you with a physical attack, you will deal extra damage.

There are three different kinds of reactions a successful hold will get. Jann Lee- A character with very simple straight-forward moves.