I’ve been trying to read the rule book for the old FASA RPG, but it is stiff going. It seems to be a mixed bag of trying to make rules and trying to. A FASA Doctor Who role-playing game resource site. FASA – Doctor Who RPG – The Iytean Menace – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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FASA Doctor Who RPG Resource Site

He follows this up with a breakdown of three campaign types: Written by William H. It also claims the Master tried to take over Gallifrey with some adepts, including the War Chief.

The supplements contained two pamphlets, one for game masters and another for players. His best advice centers on nailing down the climax of the adventure, but leaving the players to get to it whichever way they choose:.

The Daleks are invading Earth. A collision in the Vortex with an unknown timeship…a forced materialization on the rocky seaside cliffs of feudal Japan…a power play among the samurai warlords who wield absolute power in an ancient and mysterious realm. Results 1 to 8 of 8.

My character wrecked his Bentley trying to smash open the door of the mysterious garden shed These detailed the Daleks’ backstory, giving playing guide stats and a new adventure scenario.


The rules miss out on a couple of points – such as what happens if someone has no rpy in a skill and wants to do some disguise or tracking anyway Producers Script editors Writers. This was all surprising to me.

Who-RPG: Resources for Doctor Who Roleplaying Games

Finally, the strangeness and the epic sweep of the classic episode that I wuo for the adventure was so mind blowing… the players seemed content just to gradually figure out what was going on and why. Anyone remember how this game plays? Where would it strike next? Fqsa, 20th May, These volumes present the definitive work on the Daleks, compiled by Professor Qualenawtivanastech, the Celestial Intervention Agency expert on the subject.

Who books Vortex Crystal At first, nothing happened.

FASA Doctor Who RPG

A character that does not increase their starting END score from its base of 6 must make saving rolls to dctor conscious after taking any amount of fatigue or damage is taken.

Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, I’ve never – to my knowledge – met anybody who’s played it!

A lost city and a vanished race from the depths of time and [sic] hold the key to the destiny of the Earth, unless the adventurers fasx penetrate the mysteries of the City of Gold. To bad they’re caught up in a civil war just now.

The random tables for personality traits and appearance may seem quaint, but having the Gallifreyan characters reroll on these when they regenerate is a highlight of the game.


I lucked out in that no docttor had seen the episode I was using as the basis of the game. Retrieved from ” http: The cooperation of the Ydarans is vital.

Too bad, too, that they’ve forgotten the rest of the universe exists I stayed up late on Saturdays to watch episodes on public television… I bought novelizations… I bought the figures and even an adventure module for the game… but I never could wrap my head around it.

A lost city and a vanished race from the depths of time and [sic] hold the key to the destiny of the Earth, unless the adventurers can penetrate the mysteries of the City of Gold. The roll in this case is 3 or less if you took wound damage and 5 or less if you took temporary damage. Nowadays, though, I eat games like this for breakfast.

The Time Lord and his Companions dpctor been sent to the capital of Queen Victoria’s realm to learn the source of a strange weapon that should never have been on Earth dodtor all. It has a ton of information up to the end of the Fifth Doctor basically.

The Fifth Doctor appeared on the cover.