The SMARTRAC DogBone UHF RFID Tag is a general purpose high-end RFID tag for global supply chain management. It is best suited for pallet, case and. Featuring a stronger adhesive that its counterparts, The SMARTRAC R6 Dogbone Adhesive+ is designed for customers who require high performing wet inlays. The SMARTRAC DogBone RFID Wet Inlay is designed for global supply chain, industrial, RTI and sports timing applications, and offer excellent performance in.

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Find out how our solution combined with RFID tags and embedded moisture and temperature sensors give you new kinds of product insights and smarter inventory management. Previous Page 1 2 Next Page Login and post your comment! For instance, a shorter read range could result in a more precise humidity reading.

Smartrac’s New Passive Sensor DogBone Transmits Moisture Levels

The company began shipping the tag, which complies with the EPC Gen 2 standard, to customers this month, and dogbohe most buyers to be systems integrators developing solutions for industrial environments.

The measurement’s granularity is still being tested against the read range. For instance, a tag could be placed inside a container at the end of an assembly line to automate the testing of whether that container is watertight. This RFID sensor inlay offers great performance, and accurately detects and measures moisture levels in the surrounding environment.


The measurement range can be set or adjusted according to a particular rifd needs.


The sensitivity range would adjust according to how a system is designed for a specific use case or user. Skip navigation Hard Tags. Skip navigation Hard Tags. Read all about what happens when you build the Internet of your Things.

In this section you will find Customer Case Studies highlighting Customer and Partner success with Smartrac products and solutions. Working for Smartrac means working in a dynamic, international and motivated atmosphere.

Skip navigation Human Resources.

They are available with different Ic’s see below. Since a tag antenna’s impedance fluctuates according to the amount of moisture in its vicinity, this correction value can thus be used to calculate the humidity or moisture level.

No—not employing RFID severely limits the quality of our data. And this is where we talk about it. Authentication is one of the most important capabilities in a digital world.

Authentication is one of the most important capabilities in a digital world.

DogBone – RFID – Smartrac

To read the correction value and convert it into a humidity rvid, users would install an application supplied by RFMicron or Smartrac to the handheld reader. Health CareManufacturingSensors. Does your company have good business intelligence? It is deployable where active or semi-active sensors are not practical, and involves no battery maintenance, costs or problems with product lifetime or recycling.


Product digitization is changing the way brands interact with customers, understand their sogbone and deliver value to their markets. Product digitization is changing the way brands interact with customers, understand their businesses and deliver value to their markets.

Start your career at Smartrac today. Find out how to embed NFC tags in your products — and turn them into customer experience platforms.

The tag is the first in a line of Smartrac sensing passive UHF RFID tags intended to provide sensor-based data, eliminating the need for sensors that require batteries or a wired power source.

Terms of Use Privacy Policy. In other scenarios, however, a universal tag would work, and that led the company to release the Sensor DogBone this month. Find the solution you need rfix smarter brand protection, guest authentication, medical tattoos and patient identification.

Optimum size product for 4 inch wide converted labels. Login Register Now Not a member?

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