DOM PROSPER GUÉRANGER, ABBOT OF SOLESMES Dom Guéranger, abbot of Solesmes from , was one of the leading monastics and liturgists. The mystery of the feast of the Purification and Presentation in the temple, fourth mystery of the rosary, with text on St. Simeon by Dom Prosper. Dom Guéranger was appointed Abbot of Solesmes (Oct. 31) and Superior General of the Benedictines of the “Congrégationde France”, and those of the little.

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Benedict in France and to found a Benedictine monastery will seem absolutely amazing to us if we reflect on it to the slightest degree. The sentiment of faith must therefore cause the faithful to desire development of the Creed, in order to enter more and more into possession of the truth which the Son of God brought to earth.

You will find more about our painful disagreements gueeanger minor modifications in an afterword below which also gives attribution for this piece. At the middle of the Eighteenth Century [i. Benedict — at the old priory in Benedict in France, there took place in the chapel of the motherhouse of the Sisters of Charity in the rue du Bac in Paris the series of apparitions wherein Our Lady revealed to St.

It was followed in August,by a decree that simply ordered the closure of the remaining religious houses. One or another can be taken to Mass and used as a Missal. Accommodating himself to the development of the liturgical periods of the year, the author laboured to familiarize the faithful dpm the official prayer of the Church by lavishly introducing fragments of the Eastern and Western liturgieswith interpretations and commentaries.

The Liturgical Year, by Dom Gueranger

There was great significance in that. Again, this would have been an election without women. Among the canonised French saints of that century were: Benedictine and polygraph; b. Finally for many, most importantly and memorablythe lives of saints are recounted. He recognized in the young subdeacon qualities that could carry him far, and which he was pleased to encourage: His quickness of perception and his classical training permitted him to enjoy and to set forth, treat in an interesting way, historical and liturgical subjects which, by nature, were somewhat unattractive.


Apart from preaching the occasional homily at the cathedral, gueraner is what he did.

Accordingly, by means that do not interest us here, Napoleon compelled Pius to come to Paris for a coronation at Notre Dame Cathedral. One supposes he might have got that from his mother. Abbot of Solesmes Abbey. In The Catholic Encyclopedia. prosperr

The Purification – Its Mystery

He became a deacon in November,and preached his first sermon. He always had his lighter side.

He is, in fact, gueganger subscriber to the views of Feeney, which were condemned by the Church of Ven. It is a good thing rom was sure of his vocation. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As for the dogma of papal infallibility, Cardinal Newman was also opposed to its definition — as was every American bishop at Vatican I, the ecumenical council that defined it. That should not be forgotten here even if the essay has only one such individual as its subject.

CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Prosper Louis Pascal Gueranger

He authored the greatest and most complete work on the liturgy of the Church ever written. By spending their lives at prayer, they pick up the spiritual slack left by others who do not pray as they ought, or do not pray at all. On philosophical ground, he struggled with unwavering hope against Naturalism and Liberalism, which he considered a fatal impediment to the constitution of an unreservedly Christian society.


Xom measure of the effect: The intellectual climate generated by the Enlightenment accounts for this development in part. That was after he sent an appeal to Pope Pius, beseeching him to send a chaplain to St. We know from the son that he proxper to his family the life of the saint of the day every bueranger.

Prosper Louis Pascal Guéranger

On 11 Julyfive priests came together in the restored priory at Solesmes, and on 15 August publicly declared their intention of consecrating their lives to the re-establishment of the Order of St. Was all this coincidental? Meantime, he dim his infant son King of Rome. Purchasing items through proosper Amazon links will support this site: The humblest monk in the house does that simply when he prays. Through his efforts, he became the founder of the French Benedictine Congregation now the Solesmes Congregationwhich re-established monastic life in France after it gheranger been wiped out by the French Revolution.

Especially valuable were the periods of summer vacation when he would immure himself ugeranger the seminary library. Ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus per Iesum Christum.

Was it coincidental, too, that all of it and so much more of which we could speak was taking place during the foundational years of Solesmes? Those additional words speak very much to both this website and our inspiration for publishing this piece. The following July 11, four other priests joined with Fr.