Don Cupitt former Dean of Emmanuel College Cambridge was born in at Oldham England. He was educated at Charterhouse and Trinity Hall Cambridge . Visit ‘s Don Cupitt Page and shop for all Don Cupitt books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Don Cupitt. Don Cupitt. Don Cupitt. Controversial theologian and philosopher Don Cupitt presents Jesus as a radical secular humanist in this interview for the Philosophy Bites podcast. Listen to.

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In The Last Testament he points out that although we no longer have Geocentric view of xupitt world we still speak of ‘sunrise’ and ‘sunset’.

In real life, we love imperfections, irregularities, beauty spots, and signs of frailty or age. Cupitt believes that we construct God and religion through language. He rejects all ideas of gaining salvation by escaping from this world of ours. His thinking develops continuously and is not easy to summarize, but the best introduction to it has been given by the Australian Nigel Leaves in his recent two-volume study.

Religious experiences are affected by our culture and background. The nature of man Issues in religious studies. Available for download now.

People need to choose their own role for them to then perform. In life, the one-way linear movement of time makes every moment final and every chance a last chance; but at the same time everything is contingent.

If he has enough spare copies, he will simply mail them free to enquirers. This painful combination of finality with contingency is what gives rise to people’s talk of luck or fate.

When we are born, we don’t come into this world, and when we die we don’t leave it. Idea of ‘Life’ replacing the idea of God.


So we should simply love life and say Yes to life until our last day. English Choose a language for shopping. In the classic iconography of Heaven, everyone is 33 years old, everyone looks the same, and everything is oddly cupirt, like a plastic flower on a grave.

He is invited to visit universities in many countries, including recently those of Aarhus, Leuven, Beijing, Oxford and Yale. I must claim it wholly as mine, acknowledge it, and assume full responsibility for the way I conduct it. Outside the Western tradition, Cupitt has looked mainly to Buddhism.

In life, everything is contingent.

The Revd Don Cupitt | Fellows | Contact | Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Please try your request again later. Never say, nor even think ‘Why me? There is no point at all in making any other preparation for death. In solar living I live by dying because I am passing away all the time. Cupitt says that Jesus’ message is the original solar ethic and his life can be an example of how to embrace opportunities, stand up for values and not fear death. Up until the s Cupitt remained a practicing priest although he faced a lot of hostility from the more traditional branches of the church.

Our age is now post-metaphysical.

Cupitt, The Cupit Testament, We construct our world through the symbols we use to create it. Unlike the secular theologies of the s, it will “aestheticize” religion, in the sense that it sees religious living in terms of artistic practice and symbolic expressions. Cuitt should offer us a solution to death, or, to use the old Ddon terminology, it should offer us salvation.

People will mean different things by the terms. During the s I still felt pretty confident of the permanent and in-all-situations goodness and religious efficacy of Christian myths, symbols and moral values. Stage 3 Anti-realism and postmodernism there is no objective world, there is only what we create. High to Low Avg.


At the same time Cupitt also turned to ordinary language, and to this life. It seemed enough simply to argue fon a non- realist interpretation of them. Solar Ethics, Chapter 2. In he was appointed to a University teaching post in the Philosophy of Religion, a job in which he continued until his retirement for health reasons in One should live expressively, from the heart, without any ressentiment or negative feeling.

We have learnt to see all reality as a slow-motion explosion, as pouring itself out and passing away, as dissemination. So, if traditional, realist religion has no place in the post-modern world, then what is religion left to do? Don Cupitt’s official site can be found here. It is reasonably accessible to beginners in philosophy and theology.

Cupitt is adamant that we must find meaning and value in this life. It lives in the moment, it is cypitt that it can be and it shines brightly in the world. Return to Book Page.

Don Cupitt –

Are you an author? Nigel Leaves has written a biography of Cupitt Oddessey on the Sea of Faith, and suggests that there are seven stages to his thought so cupit

Goodreads helps you follow your ckpitt authors. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: The tradition Christian message can be paraphrased as ‘you should do good because God says so and then you will go to heaven and you should avoid doing bad because you do not want to go to hell’. If we take a positive statement about God i.