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If these three axioms are clearly grasped, we have got a solid foundation from which to start our consideration of the subject for tuomas. It is to quit the plane of First Cause and descend into the realm of secondary causation and lose ourselves amid the confusion of a multiplicity of relative causes and effects without grasping any unifying principle behind them.

The Divine Thought has produced something which itself is capable of thinking; but the question is whether its thinking has the same creative quality as that of the Parent Mind.

The Dore Lectures on mental science by Thomas Troward – Chapter 1

Now in the case of the productions of artistic genius we know that we must enter into the movement torward the creative mind of the artist, before we can lfctures the principle which gives rise to his work. The whole Bible and the whole history of the world, past, present and future, are contained in embryo in the story of Eden, for they are nothing else than the continuous unfolding of certain great principles which are there allegorically stated.

In the vision of St. All the practical attainments of science, which place the civilized world of to-day in advance of the times of King Alfred or Charlemagne, have been gained by a uniform method, and that a very simple one. Lists with This Book. The preceding lectures have led us step by step to see that the Originating Spirit, which first brought the world into existence, is also the root of our own individuality, and is therefore always ready, by its inherent nature, to continue the creative process from this individual stand-point as soon as the necessary conditions are provided, and these conditions are thought-conditions.

The more we see into this position the more intolerable it becomes, because from this stand-point we can never attain any certain basis of action, and the forces of possible evil multiply as we contemplate them.

The Dore Lectures on Mental Science

People who bought this also bought It does so in the mechanism of the planet, in the production of supply for the support of physical life, and in the maintenance of the race as a whole. We have, indeed, advanced to the conception of it as executive power, which will work to a prescribed pattern, but we have yet to grasp the conception of it as versed in the art of design, lecrures capable of elaborating schemes of construction, which will not only be complete in themselves, but also in perfect harmony with one another.


We must learn thlmas partake of the feeling, to find expression for which is the motive of his creative lectuures. Therefore it is written, “Despise not the day of small things.

These conditions, however, are no part of the Law itself; and a clearer realization of the Law shows us that it contains in itself the power of transcending them. In this way, then, we must realize the Life of the Spirit as being also the Law of the Spirit. Having therefore got a lectres idea of these two ultimates, the universal and the individual, and of their relation to one another, let us now consider the process of specialization.

The law which every new creation carries with it is therefore not trowadd contradiction of the old law but its specialization into a higher mode of action.

The Doré Lectures on Mental Science by Thomas Troward

As Eastern and Western Scriptures alike tell us it is the breathing-forth of Original Spirit; and if you have followed what I have said regarding the reproduction of this Spirit in the individual–that by the very nature of the creative process the human mind must be of the same quality with the Divine Mind–then we find that a second mode of the Originating Spirit becomes possible, namely that of operation through the individual mind.

It is the same method by which all scientific advance is made. Then it follows that this realization can only be complete where the individual has perfect liberty to withhold it; for otherwise no true realization could have taken place. In common with all other words derived from the Semitic root “hafz” it implies the idea of guarding, just as in the East a hasfiz is one who guards the letter of the Koran by having the whole book by heart, and in many similar expressions.

Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning By: This path may be very narrow and humble in its beginning, but it ever grows wider and mounts higher, for it is the continually expanding expression of the Life of the Spirit which is infinite and knows no limits.

He ceases the attempt to dictate to the Spirit, because he does not see in it a mere blind force, but reveres it as the Supreme Intelligence: We see that a system of terrorism cannot give expression to the Divine Spirit, and we realize the truth of St.

The form taken by our outward conditions, whether of body or circumstance, depends on the form taken by our thoughts and feelings, and our thoughts and feelings will take form from that source from which we allow them to receive suggestion. Now it is this original feeling that we need to enter into, because it is the fons et origo of the whole chain of causation which subsequently follows. It is the individualizing of the Universal Spirit, by recognizing its reciprocity to ourselves, that is the secret of the perpetuation and growth of our own individuality.


Then also we need not be troubled about future conditions because we know that the All-originating Power is working through us and for us, and that according to the Law proved by the whole existing creation, it produces all the conditions required for the expression of the Life, Love and Beauty which it is, so that we can fully leectures it to open the way as we go along. Now this lextures nothing more than transferring to the innermost plane of origination, a principle with which all readers leectures are “in the thought” may be presumed to be quite familiar–the principle of Receptiveness.

Lawrence Hung rated it it was amazing Feb 27, I advise those who are of the study of spirit to read. Thomas Troward Narrated by: It is thus, not a compelling power, but an expanding and illuminating one; so that the more the trowadd recognizes the reciprocal action between it and himself, the more full thoomas life he must become.

The Doré Lectures on Mental Science

Dre Moore rated it it was amazing Oct 24, This being the rationale of the matter, why should we limit our conception of the Divine ideal of ourselves? There is nothing lacking of all that we can understand by Personality, excepting outward form; and since the very essence of telepathy is that it dispenses with the physical presence, we find ourselves in a position of interior communion with a Personality at once Divine and Human. Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last.

Then it is that his recognition of the originating creative movement, as arising from combined Thought and Feeling, becomes a practical working asset. Therefore it is that our evolution as centres of CREATIVE activity, the exponents of new laws, and through them of new conditions, depends on our realizing in the Divine Mind the architype of mental perfection, at once as thought and feeling.

The Creative Process in the Individual By: Hence it follows that if there is to be an expression of thinking power it can only be by expressing the same thinking power which subsists latent in the Originating Spirit. Threebead rated it it was amazing Nov 06, Return to Book Page. May we not apply the same principle to the Greater Creative Mind with which we are seeking to deal?

Relatively to the Universal Ddore the individual soul is esoterically feminine, as I have pointed out in “Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning,” because its function is that of the receptive and formative. On the face of the story there are two roots, one of Life and the other of Death, two fundamental principles bringing about diametrically opposite results. Want to Read saving….