Is Supersystem 2 an updated, more thoroughed version of Supersystem or is it a completion of the first No Limit Hold’em by Doyle Brunson. I picked up Poker Wisdom of a Champion for more of Doyle’s home spun styles that could easily be renamed “Harrington, Brunson, Lindgren. Zacząłem grać w Pokera, oczywiście już przeczytałem ABC na . Doyle Brunson’s Super System – A Course in Power Poker (Doyle Brunson).pdf.

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Without an aggressive image, whether it be LAG or TAG, against several good players you might as well play with your cards face up. Supeer times are GMT FWIW some of you slightly younger players might do well to try to get a little time in playing a bunch of different games, or at least reading up on them.

Other than sgstem though, SS describes games that are very different to the ones you’ll find today. Super System still relevant ;l folks, Even though Super Systems was published some 30 years ago, do you think it is still relevant in today’s cash games? User Name Remember Me? Originally Posted by Gonso. Not mentioning the war. Please log in to like this post. Originally Posted by OzExorcist. January 13th, Just in case OP didn’t know: Originally Posted by Lambique.


Doyle Brunson – książki –

I felt that if I could somehow tightly twist the book, money would drip from the pages. This allows you to get your big hands paid off because people will start to call you down lighter because of your aggressive image and just like Doyle says, you wont always be the one in there with the worst hand. Super System still relevant. Now that my homegame is playing NL, Xystem probably check out that chapter at the bookstore. Find More Posts by Adman. Cheers Eric Post Extras: Super System may be a bit outdated, but the core principles from the book have definitely helped the way that I, and im sure many others approach poker and diyle their game.

Any semi-resonable hand get played to the hilt: A course in power poker brhnson one of the greatest players ever. I am half way through my exhaustive list, and SS2 is at the end.

Books like Doyle Brunson’s Super System 2: A Course in Power Poker

Send a private message to ltin. Originally Posted by VBrounder. Originally Posted by LizzyJ A kick boxing instructor always told me to always get off first. Most of the time they lose fast, but occasionally they get lucky and accumulate a large stack quickly they then use to beat everyone over the head until the luck runs out.


Find More Posts by Lambique. The most important thing IMO, is his explanation of the importance of betting. You can check the table doy,e contents to see which games are covered. Rate this topic Choose rating 1 star 2 star 3 star 4 star 5 star.

January 14th,3: Lowball by Joey Hawthorne. Much more loose supr, oh, Dan Harrington maybe. It seems like today’s player have read the first 10 pages of the NLHE section Doyle wrote about being aggressive and live and die by that principle.

The book is headlined by Doyle Brunson, the greatest poker player of all time and the Godfather of Poker along with no-limit legend Phil Helmuth, holder of 14 WSOP bracelets, the most championships ever. The key here is ” after the flop “.

When that fails, get your money ‘in there’ pk ATC. Thanks a lot for that link. This is a collection of tales that will appeal to both general readers and to gambling enthusiasts.

Q6 is a power hand. Find More Posts by LirvA. Sometimes I think playing the button is the worst position, because now you are in a reactive state.