Young Fiona, rider of the gold queen Talenth, has returned from the past, where she and a group of dragons and riders fled so that the wounded could heal from. Dragongirl. English. Русский · Edit · History. Comments Share. Dragongirl. Information. Author(s). Anne McCaffrey · Todd McCaffrey. With a cast of beloved characters from previous Pern novels, Dragongirl is another triumph for Todd McCaffrey—and a riveting chapter for the Dragonriders.. .

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Sep 04, Anne Tipton added it. It costs you nothing extra, but Amazon pays us a small referral fee. Poor character development, confusing plot-lines First it’s the people have plague and are dying off, now it’s the dragons.

In time, it is overturned by dolphinswho arrive with a mysterious group of sea creatures known as “The Deep Ones ” – Lorana notes that she can almost hear them, stating they are like dragons, but different. Want to help us defray the cost of domains, hosting, software, and postage? The next day, Fiona discovers to her horror that Talenth has the Dragon Plague.

Fiona then travels to Fort Weyr where she ends up talking with Merika about relationships, before going to find headwoman Ellor to borrow Tintoval so she can check on T’mar. Jun 07, Cheryl Landmark rated it it was ok. Fiona’s life takes a pivotal turn when a shocking tragedy thrusts her into a position of authority. Fiona cries out, alerting K’lior and Cisca, who rouse the Weyr. Fiona is forced to take a reluctant Talenth to the abandoned Igen Weyr, where she goes over mating flight Records until they are able to return to help the others.

And then there’s the sexuality. And again, I’ve got no issue with gay or lesbian relationships, multiple partners, what-have-you, but the fact that some of the people were children, while others were much older was again, a very squicky thing for me.


Dragongirl: It’s well past time to put Pern to rest

Fiona manages to catch T’mar, and manages to prevent Zirenth – who thinks T’mar is dead – from going between, before having T’mar taken to an empty queen weyr to recuperate. Fiona knows that something must be done, and what she proposes is daring and next to impossible.

Todd seems to think writing Pern novels is as easy as copying ideas from his mother. Whilst it is worthwhile exploring the social dynamics of a mcacffrey, Todd has focused far too much on this, and not nearly enough on the story Thankfully, those scenes were glossed over, but still Retrieved from ” https: Tower and the Hive, The. No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks!

Later, Lorana falls into a motherly mood, and Kindan and Fiona end up sharing her bed, allowing them to comfort her when she relives in a nightmare her waking alongside her family, dead of the Plague. Jul 27, Pages. Not long afterwards, Telgar and High Reaches Weyr fight Thread; the Fall is an easy one, and many dragonriders get drunk in the “festivities” afterwards.

Dragongirl by Todd J. McCaffrey | : Books

And, since when did strong, tough, resilient Weyrwomen or queen riders become so fragile and delicate during pregnancy that they required such excessive coddling and bed rest? As a result of this, the unconcious T’mar – who briefly roused during the flight – becomes Weyrleader, with Kindan fulfilling his duties for him.

Before Fiona can ask them about her strange link with Lorana, Tolarth rises to mate, and Fiona ends up going with Mekiar to distract her mind by working with clay; lest draogngirl get drawn into the flight and arouse Talenth again, causing a fight between her and Tolarth. Hope I hated this book! During the ceremony, the Weyrleaders of the other four Weyrs arrive to pay their honours to D’gan. Read it Forward Read it first.

Cancel reply Or login to FanLit with: This article needs additional citations for verification. While discussing alternate ways to fight Thread, M’tal suggests sending dragons back in time to fly Falls. Close Report a review At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, dragontirl any of our reviewer’s personal information.


Yes, character development is central to a good book, and Pern is known for its vibrant personalities. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Where is the unravelling after the denouement? Anne made it clear in her writing that those bound to dragons experienced primarily what their dragons felt directly, and only a little of anything else, even during mating flights; Todd has turned this on its head and made everyone in the weyr susceptible to what happens with the dragons, and it simply doesn’t make sense, at least to me.

Essentially, she had led a large group of young dragons and young dragonriders with the primary purpose simply to survive and to mature in the relative safety of the past. The polyamorous types I’ve known personally have certainly had more brains and more morals and guidelines than dear little Fiona could ever figure out on her own.

When he’s not writing, reading, reviewing, or teaching, he can usually be found with his wife and son on the frisbee golf course or the ultimate frisbee field. Jccaffrey 19, Cass rated it did not like it Shelves: If I was not so committed to Pern, I would have quit the book at page when Fiona, “gave herself freely to him,” and then the next day: And this attitude, in a universe where time travel is routinely used dragongril me away.

Oh, well, my bad. I’m going to say something I’ve never said about a Pern book before: About this title Audio Format.