Drop Dead Gorgeous 15 CHAPTERS | M | COMPLETE “I realise this may come as a shock to. Title: Drop Dead Gorgeous Author: mistful Rating: PG Genre: Comedy Pairing: I’m honestly not sure if this is a Harry/Draco WIP or if it is a Gen. Story: Drop Dead Gorgeous by Maya Reader: heatherifics Fandom: Harry Potter Pairing: Harry/Draco Rating: PG Reader’s Summary: In which Harry finds out.

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Maybe my fifth re-read and god, worth every quip! Slow burn to extreme, especially if you count Way We Get By.

Refresh and try again. Gorgrous rated it it was amazing Oct 28, But Harry has set his eyes on Draco for years now. Submit a new link. I was not aware when I started reading this that this story was a crack fic. Jul 08, karlakolumna rated it it was amazing Shelves: No trivia or quizzes yet. I usually don’t really care for crackfics but had so much fun reading this one! Which is totally adorable. In their mid twenties when the story begins, Harry and Drlp are the resident troublemakers at Auror headquarters; as auror partners, they annoy their boss, Kingsley Shacklebolt, and solve crime in brilliant, but legally problematic ways.

Bookmarked by sinblossoms 15 Apr Bookmarker’s Tags: Want to Read saving…. I love the way she combines comedy and heartbreak and how I’m crying while I have to laugh out loud. I’d initially planned to post each chapter in separate sections, but I realized the sections ended up sounding a bit incongruous, and they weren’t quite as polished as I would have liked, so I’ve begun rerecording it by chapters rather than sections.


This is a long, long story that follows Harry through years of mooning over Draco.

Drop Dead Gorgeous

So here are the two, sitting in the car, Draco using a stuffed-up cloak or something as a pillow. All of her works can be found …more The fic is available, but not online. Retired fanfic author aka Maya or Mistful Maya was an influential fan in the Harry Potter fandom who was active circa Erop I’m up late sulking about how beautiful love is in stories, so just your typical Saturday night really.

Other books in the gorrgeous. This should be 4 stars but the 5th wormed its way out of my cold, unfeeling heart and gave me life for the past 8 years before hopping onto here.

Nov 08, Evalangui rated it it was amazing. Harry Potter – J.

Drop Dead Gorgeous – Fanlore

Harry is informed that he is part Veela and his sexual frustration is inspiring feelings of uncontrollable lust in his compatriots. Jarta rated msitful really liked it Feb 05, If you’d like to talk about big spoilers in a fic, try to remember to mark them as spoilers. Drawing by jad who writes: All posts must be related to Harry Potter fanfics with Slash pairings. Books by Maya Mistful. November 29,to October 3, Length: Submit a new text post.

The Way We Get Bya four-chapter pre-slash companion piece from Draco’s point of view, was also posted during that time. Is this fanfic no longer available online? Both works are consistent with book 6 canon, but were jossed by book 7.


Gorgekus has also spawned fanartfanficpodficand an LJ community now locked. Aug 19, Magali rated it really liked it. Bookmarked by sinblossoms 01 Jul Bookmarker’s Tags: After finishing In Other Lands I really got nostalgic for the olden days. Good dynamics, nicely explored Veela idea, even if I see Draco as Veela more naturally.

Y rated it it was amazing Jan 27, Works which have used it as a tag: Both works are consistent with book 6 canonbut were jossed by book 7.

Complete works of maya : HPSlashFic

Elsie collected a list of fanworks inspired by Drop Dead Gorgeous. That made for a highly frustrating read. Gorgfous of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. HPSlashFic submitted 9 months ago by bluesuedeshoes7. I transferred my files to a eead computer a year or so ago and just realized my pdf of the complete works of maya was lost in the shuffle. Laura rated it it was amazing Apr 27, All types of LGBT pairings are welcome as well as triads and poly ships.