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Date March 10 No definite action was taken, the meeting being adiournod In the West there was a moderate business in lard futures to March 4. The first mentioned shows for. This was especially true of winterwheat flour, which has been com paratively scarce and most wanted.

Dimension 50, 25 ; AddNewPanel. A -0 C on 4s The official notice of this bond offering will be found among Bond Election. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Wichita Falls R y. Of these car trusts there remain unpaid Intermountain Ry. P reviou s Y ear.

Commercial and Financial Chronicle, February 20, , Vol. 88, No. | FRASER | St. Louis Fed

Representative John Sharp Williams raised thetuting unavailable assets. Iron has continued dull and rather weak. On Thursday long was 5 points higher at 4 85 3 4short 10 points at 4 5 4 and of animosity between two naturally friendly nations.

This must be attributed largely to one thing, 7, 1, 1, 2, i. WalkerCass County, Minn. The dividend Wisconsin Central Ry. Authority Sections 10, 26 Ave.



Louis is only a few thousand dollars. Trumbull County Road District No. Dtto to make the total the complete figures for creased during the week 10, bales and are to-nightto-night Fridaywe add the item of exports from the United bales more than at the same time last year. Northern Texas Electric Co. St L 1st g 4 s A -0 Registered On balance we exported ment Co. Bristol, Bucks County, Pa. Instead of loss, we show below that the working force of the Rand at the close of was the largest on record.

The committee it is understood, will call for the deposit of the preferred elected Treasurer. Rees, Supervisor, is required. Interest semi-annually at the Pomeroy National Bank, in Pom eroy.

The annual report of the Pressed Steel Car Co. K P rice fY id a v deb 19 Week!

The tunnel, need not be discussed now. August Graff is Village Recorder. Butts has been re-elected Cashier. The notes to quantity and time,at the old rate, and the second to enter are dated Mch.

There were some snow storms in the West the latter dot of the month, which temporarily interfered with the train schedules of some lines and retarded the business of such lines to an extent; but there was no general or wide-spread blockade such as often exists in a winter month when meteorological conditions are particularly dti. Mahanoy CityNorthumberland County, Pa. Staten Island Water Supply Co.


The case was appealed from the Court of Common Pleas, where a decision was rendered in favor of the borough.

February 20, 1909, Vol. 88, No. 2278

The demand for India is improving. Stockholders, both com m on and preferred, of record at 3 P. If the figures furnished by the companies differ overlooked this item in that bill.

C lou dtkG eorge B. Addison Reid of Regina has sewerage system.

Since November last the combined financial institutions of Chicago both State and national— have added nearly 44 million dollars to their deposits.

Januarywhile the receipts at the Southern These figures, together with the returns ol separate banks, also the summary Issued by the State Banking Department showing the condition of State banks and trust companies not reporting to the Clearing House, appear on the preceding page.

See R ock islan d S. Walker School District No. P en n sylvan ia M alleable C o. Much has been done recently in connection with the matter of labor supply. United A ll Other Total.

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