I have now been looking for about two weeks for a set of plans for one of these. I won’t be carving mando tops or backs, just making some quite. Homemade router-powered duplicarver constructed from wood and steel. Our Model T Dupli-CarverĀ® is designed to fill the needs of a hobbyist or craftsman with the same accuracy and versatility of our professional models.

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I could see the whole thing as 44x36x14 inches. That is one intriguing machine. I’ve ordered one of these. Is there anyone on this forum that owns a Clone 4D router? Page 1 of 3. The accuracy, speed, ease of use, and quality of our machines have increased while becoming inexpensive enough for the average craftsman to afford. Password Please enter a password for your user account. Unfortunately, I duplicaever to cool my heels for the 30 week back log!

That Forum signs me out whenever I leave it. I was really kind of thinking out loud. Comes complete with operating instructions and all assembly hardware. Small scale Duplicarver plans Kerry, try: What bits you guys use?

Can’t wait to start using it.

Posted April 10, Is “duplicarver” the same as the CopyCarver? Also where do you guys get yoru stylis at? A Machine of Business Carving has, for many, moved from a hobby to a business.


The yokes are adjustable in height, side to side, and clamp the work piece with two screw clamps. I built one of those but I’m afraid I gave my plans to someone else. And sticklers for rules? Michael, the search function over there is pretty bad. The fact your search links are to “search-results. Last edited by JOAT; at I dont know if i want to build it like he has it or use linear bearings like ive seen myka and other guys do. The carriage slides forward and back to allow you to carve the entire 30” length without remounting the work piece.

Well, got the plans. Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. When carving very thin stock such as the fore-arm of a long rifle, these braces are needed to keep the wood from flexing or chattering.

Can you post a picture or two? Take a close look at our specifications and construction.

In the plans he says you can make them, but i also say guitarfrenzy say he bought his at terrco but i couldnt find them on the site. I don’t mind if other members disagree with my comments.

F DupliCarver | Terrco inc

I watched the videos and then emailed the guy about a longer bed. This affordable machine can carve an amazing 8″ diameter by 18″ tall. The time now is I get such value from this site that I donated, but it wasn’t for the plans I can only find one set of them and they want 20 bucks for them.


Sign In Sign Up. Just not on here, for whatever reason.

Homemade Duplicarver

Better yet, does anyone have drawings or plans for it? With the Fa Spindle Carving attachment this machine is the favorite of gunsmiths with the capability of carving long rifles up to 60″ long x 8″ in diameter.

In that case does anyone have the boughten plans they would send me? Most of our machines cost less than dkplicarver quality wood lathe.

Carving Duplicator | Woodsmith Plans | Router in | Pinterest | Woodworking, Carving and Wood

The T is a lighter machine and is used on a table, bench or stand, and requires a work area of only 2′ by 4′. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. I didn’t mean to sound confrontational. In order to search the archives you duplicqrver to be a member it is free.

It means a lot to me you saying that, but I’ll make one soon I am thinking. Me, I’d check on a dduplicarver duplicarver – plenty of info on them out there.

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