At the higher end of the market, DVDO also sold the iScan VP50 and VP50 Pro. Originally retailing for thousands, these units are once again. The DVDO iScan VP is a high-definition video processor and A/V hub. This device converts standard or high definition from the user’s DVD Player, VCR, PVR. John checks out the DVDO iScan VP50PRO – a tasty THX Video certified and HDMI enabled video processor.

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Both perform the same.

DVDO iScan VP High Definition Video Processor MM B&H Photo

I would expect that the reason behind this is that most i content has fairly good cadence locks. Be the first to review this item. In practice, the PReP feature is useful for any progressive signal, not just those from devices with sloppy deinterlacing.

The implementation here is mostly a proof of concept, which shows that the unit is capable of such features, but that the missing ingredient is still not there PC software to customize the graphs, or preferably on screen menus to control each point like with the Lumagen and Pixel Magic products. I isca think of where this might be useful. However, even when I fed the plasma interlaced sources, it did pretty good on iscqn own. Details were extra ordinarily crisp. It should be noted that the unit senses 3: I need to test this with a lot more sources to be fully iscaan that it works.

When using an interlaced signal from i up through ithe VP50 uses edge, source, and motion-adaptive deinterlacing to eliminate jaggies and other motion artifacts common to interlaced signals. The advantages are clear, but the main disadvantage was recent findings that in some combinations of sources and receivers, there were dvdoo few issues like audio dropouts, noise bursts, and other problems.


DVDO iScan VP50 and VS4 Shipping – IGN

Universal AC mains input: This is a test DVD that I recorded, composed of the toughest 2: To be fully honest, the verdict is still out. The VP50 also adds a few more toys, some of which I found to be useful and some that require more work.

With regards to the scaling engine. I would have liked, however, to have a finer control over this feature. This allows you to get unprecedented picture quality out of your set-top box or HD receiver, and results in a cleaner, sharper picture with far fewer deinterlacing artifacts. ABT has pioneered the use of adaptive audio inputs for their products. Control over the first one is not given, isccan it simply turns on and off depending on the VP50 Pro ‘s standby condition on when the unit is turned on, off when it is turned off.

The image is simply maximized to the best the source can be shown, without adding artifacts to the mix. My main annoyance with the custom input aspect ratio was the inability to assign custom aspect ratios to iecan on rvdo original remote. Our Vault pages may have some display quirks. It supports p and offers HDMI 1. This noise artifact often appears like little mosquitoes surrounding these objects, hence the colorful name.

Prep was basically designed to overcome isfan core issue. With the sources currently available HDMI 1.

DVDO iScan VP50 and VS4 Shipping

The audio inputs serve as both a switch and a lipsync delay engine that adapts itself to the source as necessary. The NDA has been lifted, but the official 1.

With all features enabled the VP50 produces less than 3 frames of delay. The VP50’s left rear panel. As far as video is concerned, we tested the effects of HDMI 1. This is strange and has been reported to the company. There are many DVD players, including high end ones or even STBs, that can only give you a p or p signal, which was already de-interlaced by another processor.


Just like the VP30 add-on, which supports crazy cadences, and maintains a proper isccan – so does the VP De-interlacing dvdi these cases is usually pretty bad, and a processor can’t really do much to help.

The VP50 is the next evolutionary step beyond the VP If you wanted to change a The VP50 added HD processing to the v5p0 — capable of de-interlacing i, as well as cadences in p that could be utilized towards generating genlocked outputs to the original 24fps frame rate.

This filter did produce unwanted artifacts quite quickly; however the combination of a positive EE filter and a negative Iscna filter often counteract each other, resulting in quite nice results. A nice addition that users have been asking for in recent years, is an alternate silver front panel for the unit.

Discrete timing information posted on ABT’s website will let anyone with a Pronto or Pronto discrete code compatible remote to directly access aspect ratios. Consider a p projector equipped with this device. Scaling is good, but I do find it a tad soft and would hope that ABT invests more dvdoo into including a scaling algorithm that is sharper, particularly when scaling up i to p.

These headphone-like connections allow you to control external equipment, such as opening and closing your front projector’s screen, controlling a motorized anamorphic lens, or even dimming down your ambient lights.