Dweomercraft Familiars The d20 market has seen book specializing on classes, races, weapons, spells, prestige classes, feats and many other broader. Dweomercraft: Familiars. When I was a kid, and first started playing AD&D (1st edition), one of the funnest things about making a magic-user. Dweomercraft: Familiars has sections on how to play a familiar, and a discussion (and several options) on the true nature of the beast. The book then details.

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It can really add something to a character to try to overcome the death of a familiar and the curse he his left with. I like having lots of room in supplements. That is nine people given writing credit on this book and the writing is pretty seamless.

Each chapter begins with some flavour text and then devotes a page or so to reasons you would and wouldn’t want a familiar of this type, what kind of person would take such a familiar, and what kind of care this kind of familiar needs more roleplaying considerations.

Dweomercraft: Familiars

Each costs a feat and requires a certain caster level to have such a familiar. Spells requiring expensive material components or feats are suggested for those who want a more dweomercrwft familiar than can be attained at 1st level. In the OGL it will list eweomercraft sources that were used in this book.


The personality of the familiars is done through a table of traits. The goose and hummingbird from Table also seem to have flown the coop.

There are a couple of warnings on how a PC’s undead familiar could unbalance the game dweomercdaft a campaign. Leave a comment below or join on Twitter. There are sensible suggestions – chapters, even – about how to toughen familiars up. Suggestions for origins of the familiar include being an essence of the wizard’s mind brought to life, a former construct given the spark of life, or the reincarnation of a wizard.

These sections include details on the types of familiars to be found in that realm.

Dweomercraft: Familiars

Sunday, 21st September, I do think familiars are awfully fragile. I would have liked to see them have those as bookmarks though.

fmailiars The pdf however does not have any bookmarks in it. The point here is that elves will tend to have different familiars from dwarves and dwarves will have different familiars from medusas. From there the chapter goes into detail on what a familiar is. Familiars isn’t quite the complete and final word on the subject.

I feel those are the two obvious choices that lend themselves to this type of product that can take a subject and expand upon it greatly. This is the last chapter covering specific familiars.

You entered an incorrect username or password. There are many, many new types of familiars presented here. This book takes a class feature, the acquisition of the familiar and the familiar itself, and greatly expands upon it. One of my favorite things to do first when I read a d20 book is look at the Open Game License.


The basic four elemental types are here, as are the composite subtypes like dust, ooze, lava, etc. Familiars is one of multi-branded PDF products that are occasionally born from the primal soup of third party d20 publishers. This one gets further “out there” with sentient creatures like blink dog and goblin. Yeah, I know, ooze familiars are too silly. Art is handled by Ceredwyn – I liked a few pieces such as the chapter headings and the mechanical owl on p.

I looked it up; it can also be used to describe the act of juggling! Familiars was evidently an ensemble effort with Steve Creech, Michael Hammes, Neal Levin and David Woodrum all sharing the writing credit, and five others credited for additional writing.

These are just a few of the fun questions this first chapter answers.