Type: Article; Author(s): Gerald Dworkin; Date: ; Volume: 56; Issue: 1; Page start: 64; Page end: 84; Check for local electronic subscriptions; Web address. The Monist. Volume 56, Issue 1, January Philosophy and Public Policy. Gerald Dworkin. Pages DOI: /monist Paternalism. New Perspectives on Paternalism and Health Care. Springer Gerald Dworkin – – The Monist 56 (1) Against Dworkin’s Endorsement Constraint.

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A father, skeptical about the financial acumen of a child, instead of bequeathing the money directly, gives it to another child with instructions to use it in the best interests of the first child. Nudgers are clear that they want the influence they use to be easily avoidable.

Paternalism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

The placement of the food is not random, nor motivated by aesthetic considerations. Paternalism in Applied Ethics in Applied Ethics. It is one of the most confirmed findings of empirical decision theory that subjects decisions are affected by different ways of presenting information.

Paternalism in Government in Social and Political Philosophy. Paternalism is the interference of a state or an individual with another person, against their dworikn, and defended or motivated by a claim that the person interfered with. Hence, weak and soft paternalism can use coercive methods, while strong and hard paternalism can monish noncoercive ones. Erik Malmqvist – – Health Care Analysis 23 2: If one believes, as Plato does, that acting wrongly damages the soul of the agent, then it will be possible to invoke moral paternalism rather than legal moralism.

So one might prevent people from taking mind-destroying drugs on the grounds that allowing them to do so destroys their autonomy and preventing them from doing so preserves it.

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On these views we must always respect the rational agency of other persons. The usual justification for paternalism refers to the interests of the person being interfered with. Must, for example, the public utility which hopes to encourage energy conservation preface its informational message about the average consumption of your neighbors with the fact that they are sending this information because they think it will encourage conservation?

Reflections on the Theory and Practice of Health Care.

At least in these cases there is the idea that once reading they will paterna,ism to appreciate the pleasures and importance of reading for its own sake. This creates the illusion for the drivers that they are driving faster than they actually are and they slow down as a result. At the theoretical level it raises questions of how persons should be treated when they are less than fully rational. Dworkin might object that this shows that our definition is overinclusive because paternalism must reduce or interfere with monisf or autonomy.

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So if a person tries to jump out of a window believing he will float gently to the ground we may restrain him.

Their definition of Paternalism is very weak in the sense that it allows many more acts to count as paternalistic than would be under almost all traditional definitions of paternalism.

Condition one is the trickiest to capture. One author actually links these background conditions to the definition of Libertarian Paternalism. Examples include the number of choices, whether the choice is opt-in or opt-out, the way in which alternatives are described or presented, the incentives attached to the choices, etc. In the case of harnessing non-rational tendencies for nudges these conditions are not satisfied.

Dworkin hegeler institute paternalism author s.

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Nudges which are neither narrow nor broad—such as subliminal messages to movie-goers to buy fruit instead of popcorn—might be an effective way of encouraging consumption of healthier food. Whether manipulation must be intentional, whether it must be hidden, whether the motive of the manipulator matters, whether there has to be a gap between the way in which the influence causes behavior and the reasons which justify itwhether there has to be a manipulator if one is manipulated, all are contested in the literature see papers in Coons and Weber And as often is the case the first question is whether the concept itself is normative or descriptive.

Soft paternalism is the view that the only conditions under which state paternalism is justified is when it is necessary to determine whether the person being interfered with is acting voluntarily and knowledgeably. Their view is Paternalistic because it seeks to promote the good of the agent being nudged. Using smaller plates in a cafeteria cuts down on the amount of food consumed. If it is an adult of sound mind the presumption is reversed. The group we are trying to protect is the group of consumers not manufacturers who may not be smokers at all.


The international community is increasingly organized to preserve, protect, and promote human life, reflecting an ethics of care and impulse to intervene for the greater good.

So the normative options dwokrin to be just two. It is deliberate and motivated by a particular set of considerations. Perhaps there are slippery-slopes to be avoided. This did increase the rate of payment. The last seems very implausible.

Defining Paternalism

Open access to the SEP is made possible by a world-wide funding initiative. Sunstein believes that this would satisfy his transparency condition but that it might be objectionable on grounds of manipulation. Climate Change and Optimum Population. Weber, Michael, and Christian Coons,Manipulation: Sign in to use this feature. Jessica Begon – – Analysis 76 3: If we think of cases of rational persuasion, then in the ideal case, we would find that the agent chooses because she believes she been given reasons, these reasons support her choice, and she acts because of those reasons.


While it is clear that for some to characterize a policy as paternalistic is to condemn or criticize it, that does not establish that the term itself is an evaluative one. A Defence of Medical Paternalism: Does her action limit the eworkin or autonomy of her husband?

Gerald Dworkin, Defining Paternalism – PhilPapers

It relies upon, and works in virtue of, the fact that we tend to go with the given even if there are better options easily available. You could not be signed in. So, for example, it may be argued that prostitutes are better off being prevented from plying their trade even if they make a decent living and their health is protected against disease.