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Edward Kelly was also a famous magician, and the companion and associate of Dr. This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. But very contrary to this is the state of the righteous souls departed, who are entered into eternal rest; and of the different degrees and orders of the angelic host, which appertain to heaven, and have places in the mansions of the blessed.

Ebenezer Sibly, the British astrologer. Their office is principally that of forewarning the persons they attend of any imminent impending danger, sometimes by inward instinct, or by outward appearances; and sometimes by dreams in the night.

It must be noted here, that this intermediate state has nothing in it of the probationary kind; for that is all over with the life of this world; but is a state of a separation or reducing every one to his own proper prevailing principle and, as such finally preparatory for an eternal happiness or misery.

Ebenezer Sibly (Author of A Key to Physic, and the Occult Sciences)

And so likewise these infernal spirits, considered in respect of the four elements, have a tone or language peculiar to themselves which ebenezef exercise and speak amongst another, as mortals do; but they have utterly lost the dignity of their sounds according to the eternal nature, and are totally corrupted in their pronunciation or dialect, sibpy they fell from their first celestial glory; so that their articulation is harsh, doleful, fierce, and terrible, like the fruits they feed upon and place they dwell in.

Other opinions say, That his condemnation proceeded from ebenezr challenging the place of the Messiah ; whilst others insist, that it was because he impiously challenged the omnipotency of God, with whom he claimed equal power. But wonderful and manifest are the torments which lost souls endure, according to the various lusts and licentiousness they indulged in whilst they lived upon earth, or died in without expiation or repentance.

L Ebenezer Sibly, the British astrologer.

This page was last edited on 26 Mayat ebeenzer A History of Magic Booksp. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Wellcome Images images wellcome. In the time of the law, when the wrath and jealousy of the Father had the dominion in the kingdom of nature, infernal spirits had more easy access to mankind than they now have; for, before the incarnation of Christ, the anger of God was unappeased, and had more dominion over the soul of man, which was then at greater distance from the divine goodness; consequently the devils could with more facility spring up in the element of wrath, and manifest themselves in this outward principle; because the very idea and basis of hell is founded on the wrath of God, which is the only channel by which the devil ebenezr conveyed into this world.

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Summary [ edit ] Artist W. This universal efflux of good from heaven originates in the Lord, and passes through the angels without any mixture of their property or selfhood; for this is suppressed in them by the Lord, who grants them to live in his own divine property; whereas the infernal spirits are in their property of selfish nature, or what only belongs to themselves, which, as unblessed with divine communications from the sole fountain of all good, is only ebeneser in every one continually.

However, this does not match the chart data.

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However, he failed to convert the US clock time to London time when calculating the planets. Historian Michael Baigent has presented a case that as a Freemason, Sibly had connections with fellow masons and signatories: Now to look up is, by correspondence, to look to the Lord; who is the common center to which all heavenly things point their aspect and tendency; but to look downwards is to turn from the Lord to the opposite center of attraction, and consequently to all things of a hellish nature.


Sometimes the apparition of a person will appear to its beloved friend, husband, wife, or relation, at many thousand miles distance, to acquaint them of its departure from this life, whilst otherwise the party would be totally ignorant of the event. The fourth figure is intended to shew a faint resemblance of an abandoned and more degenerated state of fallen human nature, when the will and passions of man are to vice, and contaminated with the gross or bestial quality of deadly sin and wickedness.

There are also two ways leading to the rational mind in man; the superior, or internal, by which good and truth are communicated from the Lord; and the inferior, or external, by which evil and falsehood are communicated from hell; and the rational mind is in the midst of these two ways; hence it is, that, as much of the heavenly light as any man receiveth into his mind, so far is he truly rational; and so much as he admits not of it, in such proportion he is not rational, however he may think himself so.

File:Ebenezer Sibly. Stipple engraving by W. J. Leney, (1794 ?) a Wellcome V0005421.jpg

And hence was derived the custom of urns and funeral piles amongst the Romans, who used to reduce the corpses of their deceased friends into ashes, lest their ghosts should return and wander; which it was supposed they could not do when the body was burnt, and all moisture totally exterminated and consumed thereby. The way of conveying instruction in the other world differs from that on earth, inasmuch as truths there are committed, not to the memory, but to the life; for the memory of spirits is in their life’s principle, and they receive and imbibe only what is conformable thereto, for spirits are so many human forms of their own affections.

To every society in heaven, there is ebenezed entrance from the world of spirits, after passing which there is sily way, which as it rises branches into several others: The sins and wickedness they committed in this life is the source of their continual torment, which gnaw and corrodes them, rising and boiling up continually in their minds, without rest or intermission. Moreover, the spirit is ebenezwr sole moving power in man, acting upon and actuating sivly the most minute part of the body, insomuch that, when any part no ebenszer derives vital influence therefrom, it presently dies.

It may indeed be believed, and it is by most authors admitted, that infinite numbers of the angelic host are employed for the glory of God, in watching over and protecting the pursuits of good men; but they are not siblt to spells or conjurations of any kind set on foot by the impious professors of the Black Art.

Upon the whole, the common ideas of the vulgar and illiterate come much nearer beenezer the truth and reality of heavenly things, than the vain conceits of such speculating sciolists. Here began the kingdom of darkness, and the devil’s slbly to mortal man; who being created of a nature inferior to the angels, but, by a state of probation, capable of arriving to the same degree of excellence, and of filling up the vacancy in heaven, occasioned by the fall of Lucifer and his legions, it excited his envy still the more, enenezer laid the ground of that ceaseless warfare, which, from the fall of Adam, to the present hour, hath existed between the sbily of darkness and the souls of men.

For the devil, while we feed, allures us to sin by gluttony; he thrusteth lust into our generation, and sloth into our exercise; into our conversation, envy, into our traffic, avarice; into our correction, wrath; into our government, pride; he putteth into our hearts evil cogitations; and into our mouths, lies. Having no longer all powers under his subjection, he became subject to sidereal and elementary influx, with his understanding darkened, and his mental faculties abridged; which I have exhibited by the four figures in the annexed plate.

This is the opinion which the vulgar are naturally addicted and prone to believe. In his book page a few pages before the illustration, Sibley sets out how he calculates charts: But let it here be observed, that man’s rational part is not opened and formed merely by his knowing such truths, but by living according to them, when [] known, that is, by loving them with sibpy spiritual affection, or the affection of his spirit, or, in other words, by loving justice and equity as such; sincerity and rectitude of manners as such, and good and truth as such; whereas, to love them only from external regards, is loving them for the sake of self, for one’s own character, honour, or profit; siblt therefore such a love, as it terminates in self, gives not a man any right to the character of rational, as such a one uses truths as a lordly master uses his servants, viz.


Effectual provision is made by the Lord, that no power of evil, from the hells that are in opposition to the celestial kingdom, may reach the subjects of the spiritual kingdom, as the consequence in that case would be the subversion of the latter.

Wherein certain Rules are laid down for prejudging the Revolutions, Vicissitudes, and Misfortunes, with which every Part of the habitable World may be occasionally threatened. Jubanladacedistinguished in the sbly of thrones as the appointed guardian of all public and national enterprises, where the good of society and the honour of God are unitedly ebebezer. Lastly, when they are come to their own society, their inmost thoughts and affections open and expand themselves, which meeting with the like returns of cordial sympathy from their fellow-angels, they are immediately known and received by them with a joyful welcome.

We will now take a view of the infernal spirits or devils, and damned souls; which are to be classed according to their respective ranks and orders, exactly correspondent or opposite to the choirs and hierarchies of the angels, or blessed spirits, in heaven. And from natural causes it may be easily demonstrated, that there is great correspondence betwixt such substances and the element of fire, by reason of the internal flagrant and central life proceeding from the quintessence of one only element, which upholds them in motion, life, and nourishment; as every natural and supernatural being is upheld and maintained out of the self-same root from whence it had its original.

Ebenezer Sibly – Wikipedia

It is recorded in several of the ancient British authors, that Peters, the celebrated magician of Devonshire, together with his associates, having exorcised one of these malicious spirits to conduct them to a subterranean vault, where a considerable quantity of treasure was known to be hid, they had no sooner quitted the magic circle, than they were instantaneously crushed into atoms, as it were in the twinkling of an eye.

Though no location is set on the illustration, an analysis of his calculations suggests ebeenezer the most likely explanation is that Sibly tried to create a chart for the American Independence chart using a chart based on London. They are capable of hunger, grief, passion, and vexation, being in some measure temporal, and compounded of the most spiritual part of the elements, into which ebenfzer are eventually resolved, as ice into water; and have been more or less celebrated by historians and poets in all ages of the world.

And further, because it is also written, ” Quomodo enim mane oriebaris, Lucifer ” — For then didst thou rise in the morning, O Lucifer. As to the different shapes and forms of the devils, it is suggested by Scripture, and admitted by all writers upon the subject, that they were answerable in monstrosity and hideousness to the superior rank they held in heaven, and to the enormity of the offence which was the cause of their fall.

So that to attempt an ample demonstration of the matter would require deeper speculation than the subject deserves, or that I am master of; particularly as the inhabitants ebfnezer that gloomy kingdom are never in one regular stay, continuance, or property, but from one hour to another are continually floating and changing; like the swiftness of the winds, or the gliding along of running waters, which pass away as a thought, and are no more remembered.

Leney, [ Headline V Ebenezer Sibly.