EC ELECTRIC CIRCUITS AND ELECTRON DEVICES the equivalent circuit of UJT and explain its operation. Write short notes on light activated SCR. 2nd Semester CSE Notes: 1. Basic civil & Mechanical Notes and Question answers – View. 5. Electron Devices & Electric circuits (EC) – Unit 1 – View /. PH Engineering Physics 2 Anna University Notes: PH Engineering notes (EM notes – ME Notes) – DOWNLOAD EC

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There is no light falls on the sensor the resistance is very high and the current is low. It emits light in ecc2151 visible and IR region. It is used as a variable reactance capacitance.

EC2151 Electric Circuits and Electron Devices ECED Notes

This process is called diffusion. In some cases substrate is internally connected to the source terminal. When reverse voltage increased at once electric field the electrons which are present noges the covalent bond are brought due notws strong force of attraction.

Rest of the holes drift across the base and enter the collector region and are swept away by the negative collector electrode. Symbol Anode Ec211 V-I Characteristics of Zener diode The operation of zener diode is same as that of ordinary p-n diode order forward biased condition, whereas under reverse biased condition breakdown of the junction occurs. Its cost is very low. While one source is applied, the other sources are replaced by their respective internal resistances.

It passes most of the injected charge carriers to the collector. The current is proportional to the intensity of light and the frequency of the light falling on the junction of the photo diode. Parallel Resistance Two elements are in parallel if they are connected between share the same two distinct end nodes. The ec1251 cannot be directly used in control applications.


As a result the energy level in the n-side decreases when compared to the unbiased state. It can be handled by a photo transistor or a photo diode. Order of a System: LED structure can be divided into two categories.

Photodiode It is a light sensitivity device used to convert light signal into electrical signal. Due to this multiplication process a large current flows and this kind of breakdown is called Avalanche multiplication or breakdown.

Such curves are known as Static characteristic curves. It is made of thin layer of semiconductor material cadmium sulfide. This diode is uses the tunneling phenomenon.

This is because of the effect called early effect or Base width modulation.


Characteristics of Varactor nottes The diode conducts normally in the forward direction. Collector-base junction is reverse biased. Advantages High speed operation Ease of operation Low noise Low cost Low power Disadvantages It is two terminal device, there is no isolation between the input and output circuit. Changing anode current by means of momentarily series or parallel switching arrangement. It consists of a piece of semiconductor material silicon or germanium.

The first equation, second coefficient is the conductance from node 1 to node 2, the third coefficient is the conductance from node 1 to node 3. The total power dissipated in the circuit is watts when the applied voltage is V. Now we plot a graph with anode current and anode cathode voltage. It is used in light meters.


The gain of a highly resonant circuit attains a sharp maximum or minimum at its resonant frequency. Field immediately collects the diffused electrons which enter the collector junction. The right hand side of the equations is the current source connected to the respective nodes.

The amount of light output is directly proportional to the forward current. If we consider a circuit containing storage elements which are independent of sources, the response depends upon the nature of the circuit, it is called natural response.

It is less noisy than a tube of a Bipolar Transistor. It has found that most of the voltage will drop across junction J 1 only.

Steps to follow for the. The second method motes anode current interruption. The carrier inversion is the first requirement of lasing. Used in image sensing circuits. Its intensity can be controlled easily. Ntoes relatively low voltage the reverse current saturates and then remains constant.

The two leads are connected to p-region of silicon separated by an n-region. The anode terminal is taken out from P1 layer, and the gate G terminal from the P2 layer.

Ec215 Zener diode first zener breakdown occurs and later avalanche breakdown. Not seeing a widget? The circuit behaves as pure resistive circuit at the resonant frequency with unit power factor.

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