Abuja, 28th July The Core Planning Team (CPT) for the ECOWAS Standby Force (ESF) Command Post Exercise (CPX) – code named. The African Standby Force (ASF) is an international, continental African, and multidisciplinary peacekeeping force with. More than 40 members of the Economic Community of West African States Standby Force (ESF) have begun a training course on international.

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In the absence of a joint secretariat to coordinate cooperation amongst NARC member states, Libya voluntarily played this role during the initial phase of starting up NARC which lasted for three years The ICRC official says it is times like these that challenge them to emphatically demonstrate in their words and actions that wars do have limits.

Views Read Edit View history. The training is meant to further enhance the operational readiness of the ESF which was attained in Throughout the last two decades, revitalizing the AMU proved to be very difficult due to political dynamics amongst member states. Furthermore, the CPT developed a list of exercise documents which will be required in the build up to the exercise.

The strength and types of such contingents, their degree of readiness and general location should be determined in so-called Peace Support Standard Operating Procedures SOPsand shall be subject to periodic reviews depending on prevailing crisis and conflict situations.

Under this arrangement, Members States pledged a force of police, military and civilians personnel and 6 airlift aircraft. African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights. In their view, the brigade headquarters would be established when a peace operation is authorized and would then be led by an individual State or a group of States, in coordination with the PLANELM.


Furthermore, it seems that creating, rostering and deploying a ecows component is somewhat problematic due to the voluntary and individualistic nature of this component and the lack of AU strategic guidance in this regard. Borders Extreme points Member states Regions.

African Standby Force

Key documents such as the decision of the Mediation and Security Council, forrce directive of the ECOWAS President, the Rules Of Engagement, the Discriminate Use of Force in conflict and the deployment and mission plans amongst others are crucial to the conduct of the exercise as they are necessary for an intervention in the case of a crisis in the region. However, the MOU has been drafted, and meanwhilethere is a firm commitment of ecwoas different States leaders to provide personnel and facilities to facilitate any deployment of the Force.

Ina operational foce for the force was set. Retrieved 12 March Ecowws long-term goals for the deployment of the Force, it was planned that scenario should be able to deploy in 30 days possible only if pre-mandate actions have been takenscenario 5 should complete deployment in 90 days, with the military component being able to deploy in 30 days possible only if pre-mandate actions have been undertakenand finally, Scenario 6, implied that will be important the AU can deploy a robust military force in 14 days.

Upcoming events Expression of interest: The APSA comprises five ecowaz that complement one another: While the Brigade HQ to be located in Cairo and the two logistic depots to be located in Algiers and Cairo have been identified, they have yet to be made operational, due to political and bureaucratic constraints within the member states.

The ASF is to be deployed in times of crisis in Africa.

ECOWAS Standby Force | Economic Community of West African States(ECOWAS)

Article 13 of the Protocol specifically directs the following functions to the ASF: In the violent conflict in Mali sinceESF could not operate in a timely manner to prevent a further escalation of violence in the country.


The military and police components are fully operational. Articles and commentaries that identify allAfrica. Archived from the original on Force africaine en attente [1] is an internationalcontinental Africanand multidisciplinary peacekeeping force with military, police and civilian contingents that acts under the direction of the African Union.

The civilian component was subsequently established. The EASF operates with the vision to contribute to regional and continental peace and stability in the region, through a fully operational and multidimensional joint and integrated Eastern Standby Force ready for deployment bywith an Initial Operational Capability by It is the fourth training exercise to be conducted by the ESF since its inception in Read the original article on New Dawn.

The Roadmap also outlined several fields of progress in the tsandby of the ASF. Before the founding of the African Union AU inits predecessor Organisation of African Unity OAU did not provide appropriate tools for a collective and comprehensive acting of African states in times of violent crisis, mostly due to the shared value of non-interference into the internal affairs of states.

Peacekeeping missions and operations involving the African Union Multinational units and formations. Halima Ahmed says the integration of IHL and other rules applicable in law enforcement situations in the operational practices of the ECOWAS Standby Force should promote respect for these laws regardless forfe where members are deployed for peacekeeping operations in the region.