Ed Silvoso. likes · talking about this. Public Figure. CHAPTER 11 Prayer Power in Argentina1 by Edgardo Silvoso Edgardo Silvoso, a nativeborn Argentine, is the founding president of Harvest Evangelism.

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Ed Silvoso is best known for his role in transformationalism and is identified as the architect of the modern movement. The best decision I made as a new Christian was to have a weekly appointment with God. In the past, when evangelistic campaigns ended, there had been bitter disputes over the distribution of decision cards.

We saw some results but nothing spectacular. But the pastor repented and cried out to God for a second chance. Change the Marketplace and You Change the World.

School of Transformation

I wondered if maybe the long hours spent at my hospital job were a contributing negative factor. It was an extremely difficult decision because of our love for Luis and the team we had helped develop.

See more of Ed Silvoso on Facebook. I bought a map of Mar del Plata, marked on it the location of every church, and prayed for those churches regularly. We held church meetings four times a week and two evangelistic meetings on Sundays. This section introduces the five paradigmswhile pp. Nearly 1, inmates have received Christ. When discharge day came, I asked permission to give the farewell speech, hoping to see a mass movement of conversions. When a flood of new converts came in, the church quickly ran out of everything, from toilet paper to paper cups, from folding chairs to Sunday School teachers.


Ed Silvoso

The first three chapters of this book were distributed in limited number, and the full version is projected in late You will be taught by myself and a superb faculty of successful practitioners from around the globe who are eager to share with and impart to you. When I was 14, I was picked out of my local church to be a youth evangelist and canvassed the streets of San Nicolas weekend after weekend.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Those figures are not the result of a scientific survey but rather the opinion of the reporting journalist. Then and there I knew that God wanted us to start a new missionary organization. From then on it became a flood of decisions as city after city was shaken by the ministry of this unknown lay preacher. As he connected with the emerging prison church, things began to happen.

The town referenced was La Plata, no Laplata exists in Argentina. Since no money is allowed to circulate inside the prison, the inmates tithe from the care packages they receive from relatives. Because my health was poor and our resources were depleted and time was running out, we decided to concentrate on building a retreat center in my native city of San Nicolas.

He also supplies background for the events leading to the revival, pp. How to Take God to Work with You. He led me to specific passages in the Bible and spoke to me from each one of them.

Instead of aiming at division and mistrust, they went for unity and trust, and they decided to use the baptism of the new believers as the occasion. January 30, at At the end of that amazing night, I knew that my illness was an illness unto life.


Ed Silvoso December 22 at That was something totally unheard of at the time. Each team was to stand guard every night from 11PM to 5AM, working in pairs they prayed, read the Bible and moved from bed to bed interceding for each one of their sleeping Christian inmates.

December 14 at 2: Olmos — as the prison is commonly known — was so impregnable that pastors from the nearby towns had great difficulty getting inside its perimeter. I thought, Maybe we will find edfardo way to reach an entire city for Christ.

Prison Revival in Argentina, by Edgardo Silvoso | Renewal Journal

My sternum bone was edgarxo in two, my rib cage was retracted and the tissue under the sternum was removed. As soon as 42 new converts are admitted to the church, a cell block is made available for them to move in. At first, we questioned the veracity of the report. I also had to undergo a thymectomy, which is a major surgical procedure.

On March 24,we dedicated the retreat center. The Holy Spirit began to work in their lives and soon a deep bond of love had enveloped them completely.