Haitian-born Danticat’s third novel (after The Farming of Bones and Breath, Eyes, Memory) focuses on the lives affected by a “dew breaker,” or torturer of Haitian. ABSTRACT. This article examines the representation of a violent and traumatizing past in Edwidge Danticat’s The Dew Breaker (), a collection of short. Edwidge Danticat’s brilliant exploration of the “dew breaker”–or torturer–s an unforgettable story of love, remorse, and hope; of personal and political rebellions;.

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Is the way Aline thinks of these men and women in this passage similar to how you eddwidge the characters you write about? How do these shifting points of view affect the way the story is told? If each is a story meant to stand alone then the book works on that level.

The New York Times.

So sometimes that first period of insularity is not a choice, but a necessity. I usually really love this type of book, and for the most part I loved this one. How does it change him? Not only is she caring for her family in Haiti, she is constantly caring for the patients in the hospital.


When she asks Beatrice about her plans after retirement, she reveals her plan to move and the history with the Haitian prison guard. Sep 14, Michael Lindy rated it really liked it. More By and About This Author. This led Baby Doc to re-emerge in the streets of Haiti while referring to his strength as a monkey’s tail.

This book handles trauma the way it is experienced, and that is saying something. Dany has traveled so far because he’s found the murderer of his parents, only to find Claude, accepted into the community he stills feels to be so much a part of him. The husband reminisces on the bride and groom carnival theater that they partook in while in Haiti. The Dew Breaker examines the violence, corruption, and political instability of an earlier period in Haitian history.

This story also gives an idea of familial relations, the broken families living next door to each other, and never openly acknowledging their illegitimate relations. The book is thhe as much about his life an The Dew Breaker is a book organized into breakfr sections chapterswhich are all perfectly able to stand alone as short stories.


Introduction A book that asks hard questions about truth, deception, responsibility, and redemption, The Dew Breaker is a powerful exploration of the way history, both personal and political, affects those who are swept up in its sometimes violent path.

How do you think this affects their experiences as immigrants? The preacher puts up a fight using a shard of broken wood and permanently scars his captor’s face. Dabticat had no idea of its history of violence, nor was any apparent while I was there. Although much of the book is set in present New York City, the narrative of The Dew Breaker spirals around the events of the s and ’70s in Haiti when the beraker Francois Duvalier sustained a personal police force to torture his adversaries, called “dew breakers” because they came to claim their victims in the early morning hours when dew still beaded the vegetation.

Danticat’s rare gift is her ability to set her novels and stories amid fraught eanticat in which the actions of the government cause upheaval in the lives of regular people, without ever once losing focus on her characters.

The Dew Breaker –

It is not only this secret that she is keeping from her daughter, but also the Haitian community within NYC. Why does she stay with him after learning the truth about the identity of his last victim?

Each chapter is a self-contained story, with divergent and seemingly random settings–Haiti in the dictatorial s, Manhattan in the s, Brooklyn and Queens in the 21st century. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Nadine keeps to herself and tends not to socialize much with the other nurses at the hospital, despite their constant efforts in reaching out.

The Dew Breaker – Wikipedia

We rode in tap taps, colorfully painted trucks, and visited a market, where many wooden bowls and vases were crafted. One such victim is Michel, whose parents were killed by the dew breaker when he was a young boy. It ‘opened my eyes’ to the unrest, uncertainties, horrors and tortures that took place in Haiti. To ask other readers questions about The Dew Breakerplease sign up. Dec 29, Isa rated it really liked it.


The Dew Breaker is a brilliant book, undoubtedly the best one yet by an enormously talented writer. This was my first novel, by this author and I was quite i We are introduced to a Haitian man, living in Brooklyn.

It adds to the dream-like quality of the book, and makes the reader do a bit of work to figure out who all the characters are and how they’re related. Dew Breaker Discussion 26 60 Mar 27, An elegiac and powerful novel with a fresh presentation of evil and the healing potential of forgiveness. The inability to validate traumatic experiences of victims through memory is also a crucial theme in The Dew Breaker.

We meet him late in life: This book is a combination of short stories that move between Haiti and the United States. There was a fair amount of language in a few chapters, and none of the characters were developed enough to make me feel any attachment to them. The chapters—most of which were published previously as stories, with the first three appearing in the New Yorker—can feel more like evocative snapshots than richly textured portraits.

A gigantic part of Haitian history is the brutal dictatorship and the effects it had on the people. Unwilling to discuss their relationship nor her abortion of their child, she too lives in domestic trauma.

The Dew Breaker Reader’s Guide

I liked the overall theme and idea of the book, and as separate stories it works much like The Women of Brewster Place, with repetitive characters, but independent stories.

Her haunting prose, is beautiful but also tough and unflinching. Thanks to having read Brother I’m Dying beforehand, I can definitely see a lot of real life similarities between Edwidge Danticat’s character’s background i.

For example, in one house lives a Dominican social worker.

Hinds to explain what is wrong in which she replies with a pen and paper that she is a teacher, asking why they would send her home in the condition she is in.