Path: /eico/b/. This is the BAMA archive. These manuals are available for download and free of charge. I am now accepting new manuals for inclusion in this. DESCRIPTION. Your new EICO Model Resistance-Capacitance-. Comparator Bridge, was designed to measure practically all resistances and capacitances. The article currently covers the EICO series, PACO C, Knight KG, Heathkit C-2 and C-3, etc. (More models will be added on an ongoing basis as I.

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Email required Address never made public. Especially the V 0. I am ready to head back to my TEK Project. Heathkit C-3 dark color scheme. Keith You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Ed Engelken, Google [Bot] and 8 guests.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. After verifying the schematics, the first test was the tube test, with just the heater power. As you mentioned the leakage tets function is a really valuable function that is not found in eicl capacitor testers today. For Leak testing pot P3 controls the output voltage.

EICO B – Repair/Restoration – Lazy Electrons

Often Eico custom made the face plates with the name of the school. If the shadow does not open very far, or it 95b blurry 950bb out of focus, eoco you need to start changing the bridge caps out.

It is a vacuum tube scope and I need a leak tester to check the caps in it. You NEED precision reference capacitors to achieve an accurate capacitor tester. A great piece of test gear, can often be found for just a few dollars. If I can find it, I’ll eventually swap them around. NRI Professional model Eeico can use the checker to test its own capacitors by connecting some brand-new plastic film capacitors that are approximately mid-scale on each range except the “D” range, for which you’ll have to use a new electrolytic eicl the test terminals.


Yes, the knob is wrong. And here 590b go, this is what it looked like on the inside. Before replacing the ones currently installed, I’ll double check the accuracy of the instrument. Remember rules for series capacitors. All content is the opinion of the author and not intended as advice. You may also like. Page 1 of 1.

Can someone explain how the power 950 test on this model works? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Mine developed an internal short in the value potentiometer and took out a winding of the transformer.

And Finally, I am all set: The EICO B, the resistance capacitance bridge and the capacitor leak tester — I do have other tiny things that can measure capacitance, but nothing compares to this one, or the Heathkit or a high voltage DC capacitor leak tester.

This isn’t done on the leakage test, I get that, but when measuring capacitance. In any case, if you do not find the exact value, try a combination of parallel or series caps, e. Somewhere buried in the abyss, I think I still have one of these testers in rough shape that still has the correct pointer on it.

Eico: eico model 950b bridge construction

Yes, I learned it the hard way. Jun Wed 19, 1: During component value testing, the magic eye tube serves as the null-indicator. It is fun to work with since it 50 years old. I added a line fuse and replaced the line cord with a polarized one.

The power factor tester too is also quite handy. Its mentioned in the blog, If you run down the voltage quick after leak testing, the entire capacitor will discharge through the POT and burn it. For those caps, I’ll use the closest tolerance parts I can get as long as the price is reasonable.

I replaced 3 capacitors 2 didn’t look good and one was wrong value. If the eye tube gives a full degree shadow with clean, sharp edges with the pointer within a few percent of the correct values, the bridge capacitors are okay and nothing will be gained by changing them. His family were great — his daughter and her husband were nice, sweet and patient, they showed me all his toys —.


Testing the leakage voltage output, I find that the voltage is about 50 volts low and from what I’ve read, that’s a common problem with these and that a resistor in the power supply can be changed to a lower value to get the voltage back up.

They say nobody usually comes for those stuffs anymore. Even if you are familiar with solid state electronics, do not try this unless you really understand the risks involved with working on Vacuum Tubes and High Voltage DC and know the safety procedures to follow.

Heathkit C-3 light color scheme. Cosmetically, it still had it’s protective film over the front panel that was never removed.

Have used two in series to keep the capacitance close to the original and the rectifier tube specs call for a maximum filter cap of 4uF. Perhaps it was made up to time the came out. You could google it to find more details. Since I have a digital capacitance meter, this is really not a big deal; but, I still like my equipment to be right.

I don’t think it is necessary to change the caps in the bridge section unless that range is inoperative or way off. Receiving an electrical shock is not fun and I always take steps to avoid it.

Jun Mon 17, 8: Unless your photo is wrong, the model had a plastic pointer that reached all the way to the outer scale.