Model EJAA, EJAA and. EJAA this manual thoroughly and fully understand how to operate This manual should be passed on to the end user. User’s manual • Read online or download PDF • Yokogawa EJAA User Manual. View and Download YOKOGAWA EJAA user manual online. EJA Series Differential Pressure and Pressure Transmitters. EJAA Transmitter pdf manual.

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To confirm or change the values, see Subsection 8. When a zero point adjustment has been made, do not turn off the transmitter less than 30 seconds after adjustment. Reassembling the Capsule Assembly 1 Insert the capsule assembly between the flange bolts, paying close attention to the relative positions of the H eeja110a pressure side and L low pressure side marks on the capsule assembly.

EJAA Differential Pressure Transmitter | Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Set an engineering unit M. Are power NO supply voltage and load resistance correct?

Wait until the pressure inside the pressure-detector section has stabilized before proceeding to the next step. Pipe Equalizing valve balancing Pipes Ball head lock nut Stop valve high pressure side Nipple Process connector 50 mm 2-inch pipe Process connector bolts F YES Does the self-diagnostic indicate problem location?

Such a manifold makes it filled impulse piping, or the drain of a gas-filled easier to disconnect the transmitter from the impulse impulse piping becomes plugged, the impulse piping piping, and is convenient when adjusting the transmit- will not convey the pressure accurately.

Remember me on this computer. Lower limit of process temperature is —30C when Bolts and nuts material code A is selected. When doing this, carefully pull the LCD board assembly straight forward so as not to damage the connector pins between it and the CPU assembly. To begin, use a wrench to slowly and gently unscrew the drain vent plug s. Digital indicator with the range setting switch N.


SUS 2-inch pipe mounting flat type J. EPS Do the loop numbers match?

User’s Manual Model EJA110A, EJA120A and EJA130A Differential

Powering communication error off within 30 seconds after a zero adjustment will return the adjustment back to the previous settings. Installation instructions The cable entry devices and blanking elements shall be of a certificated type providing a level of ingress protection of at least IP6x, suitable for the conditions of use and correctly installed.

Exercise care so as not to directly touch the electronic parts or circuit patterns on the board, for example, by preventing static electrification by using grounded wrist straps when handling the assembly. Contact Yokogawa service personnel. DC with an internal lightning protector for the b Make sure that there are no leaks in the impulse insulation resistance test, nor a voltage exceeding piping. YES Refer to Section 6. Outputs the signal Replace amplifier. MEMO 2 month, and day.

To change the orientation of the process connections, refer to Section 4. C3 Stainless steel amplifier housing Amplifier housing material: Vertical impulse piping type, right side high pressure, process connector downside In case of a failure, communication is disabled.

Yokogawa EJA110A User Manual

At this time, equal pressure is applied to the low and high pressure sides of the transmitter. To prevent this, it will be necessary either to enclose the transmitter in a box, or to connect a impulse piping to the low pressure side and manuwl its end into a windexcluding pot cylindrical with a base plate.


Read carefully before using the transmitter. Other wetted parts materials; SUSL.

The display is always 0 MPa, but this is not a measured value. See General Specifications sheet. NO Fix pressure leaks, paying particular attention to connections for impulse piping,pressure-detector section, etc. Ground terminals are located on the inside and outside of the terminal box. Model pressure regulator pressure pump Pressure range: If there is more than one error, the error number changes at two-second intervals.

Singapore Investment News August In case of its maintenance, soft and dry – Reason ejq110a force majeure such as fires, earthquakes, cloth is used. This procedure can be applied only to a transmitter with a vertical impulse piping type.

However, should any other error number be displayed, take the appropriate measure in reference to Subsection 8. Note that the amount of adjustment to the zero point changes according to the speed at which the screw is turned. Press the enter the setting. This permits zero adjustment without using the BT Vertical impulse piping type, left side high pressure, process connector downside M, H, or V Capsule: Output terminal cable 5 Carefully pull the CPU assembly straight forward to remove it.

Whenever possible, use Figure 4. Change 4 to 20 mA output to 20 to 4 mA output. Communication Distance; Only fja110a unit can be specified Up to eja1100a.