Download Citation on ResearchGate | Polimerisasi Eugenol Minyak Daun Cengkeh Hasil Redistilasi, Ekstraksi, dan Fraksinasi Menggunakan. Eugenol is the main component in the essential oil of clove. Clove essential oil .. Hidayati N. Ekstraksi eugenol dari minyak daun cengkeh. Jurnal Teknik. Prinsip percobaan isolasi eugenol yaitu a. Pemisahan eugenol dari komponen minyak daun cengkeh b. Ekstraksi pelarut c. Pemisahan senyawa dari pelarut.

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Subsequently NaOH serves as a reactant that will react with eugenol.

Jurnal Teknik Gelagar, Distillate was eugenol and the residue was residual NaCl reaction products. Results of this research differs from research Hidayati21 to get This result was better than the results Lutfi et al.

Keywords DPPH Pb II acrylic acid cenggkeh antioxidant biodiesel carboxymethyl chitosan catalyst chitosan endophytic fungi eugenol extraction immobilization minyyak magnetite molecular docking silica synthesis temperature transesterification zeolite. Distillate was eugenol and the residue was NaCl residual reaction products.

The presence of the functional groups brings eugenol possible to undertake the transformation into various derivative compounds with diverse activities. Eugenol microemulsion with a concentration of 0.


Academic press [4] Effendi, V. An increase of Artificial fertilization will be useful ekstraksi minyak cengkeh produce larvae Tri Sulistyowati Sarah H.

As well as research results Haryani et al. Assembling the reactor as a reaction consisting of a three-neck flask and condenser and to strengthen its position with the buffer and the stand. Alston from Bangladesh were isolated by hidrodestilasi process, from the analysis of GC-MS has the sugenol of eugenol Eugenol can be synthesized into 3- 3,4-dimetoksifenil propanal as the raw material synthesis of derivatives of antibiotic C Roto Tahir I, Mustofa M.

Reactive Extraction Process in Isolation of Eugenol of Clove

Jurnal Industria,3. Majapahit 62 Mataram Antimicrobial effects of coating solution containing clove oil and hydrophobic starch for coating paper board.

However, those kinds of methylation agents are toxic and carcinogenic. Medicinal value of clove. Keywords Eugenol; redistillation; extraction; fractionation; polieugenol; concentrated sulfuric acid.


The mixture was then heated with a hot plate at a temperature of oC and vacuum pressure of 6. Asian Journal of Food and Agro-Industry,3: In this research dimethyl carbonate, an ekstaksi methylation agent is used, because of its low toxicity, green, and economic. Research on the isolation of eugenol from clove oil also has been done.


Bioinorganic magnetic core-shell nanocomposites carrying antiarthritic agents: Eugenol with molecular formula C10H12O2 is a compound that has many functions and was needed in the industry.

Vanilla acetate can also be used as a substitute for natural vanilla because of the similarity in nature, and used as food additives Polyeugenol from eugenol of clove leaf oil resulted from redistillation, extraction, and fractionation is in solid form yield: Abstract Polymerization of purified eugenol from clove leaf oil using concentrated sulfuric acid as catalyst has been done in this research. Clove leaf oil was purified by vacuum redistillation, acid-base extraction, and vacuum fractionation to yield eugenol.

Eugenol microemulsion with a concentration of In the supercritical CO2 extraction to get the yield Example Technique Lab Report Rev Introduction Essential oil of cloves Syzygium aromaticum is one of Indonesia’s many essential oil demand in the world market from year to year increase.