Janet is possibly the only female pursuer in Cortazar’s literature, Munoz argues, Cortazar’s remarks regarding “Anillo de Moebius” in a letter to Jaime Alazraki. “Anillo de Moebius” (Moebius strip) in the collection Queremos tanto a Glenda ( We Love Glenda So Much) is probably the most disturbing story of all. Janet. Cortázar, Julio. Personal Author: Cortázar, Julio. Recortes de prensa — Tango de vuelta — Clone — Grafitti — Historias que me cuento — Anillo de Moebius.

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This establishes the theme clearly enough as the ambivalence of adolescence. For a number of years after they moved to Europe they would divide their time between Vienna and Paris.

She, too, was a translator. But the truth is that the problem with the Persio passages goes beyond their inherent difficulty, which in itself is the product of a quest to create—through the inhibiting medium of language—an order that is elusive and mystical in nature.

William Castro: Notes on Modernization as Crime

Even in its many classical literary versions the story of the Minotaur in his labyrinth varies in matters of detail, and later versions only add to the moebisu.

For it transpires rl Ariadne has given the thread to Theseus in the hope that not mmoebius but the monster will escape and come to her. In short, a good deal of what one later realizes that the novel is about is heralded right at the start of the book, but at that initial stage the reader is left in some confusion and can glean little more than the implications of the style of this initial chapter, that is, that the book is going to deal with serious matters in a challenging way.

Fellow voyagers who are moving nowhere, the people in the cars begin to reveal their personalities: This fine story, also a late one, is about a film star called Glenda Garson, a name obviously adapted from that of the British actress Glenda Jackson.

Many of his stories, perhaps most stories, in particular fantastic ones, are the product of neuroses and noebius.

Indeed, they live, as might a long-married couple, in a quiet tedium of daily routines and conformity, save that he appears to have assumed parts of the traditional female role. At its deepest level, the action in two settings and two time periods is essentially the same. Nevertheless, his wish to grow into independence is contained by boyish enthusiasm. He would have liked to be a painter, a philosopher, a musician, but felt that his talent did not lie in those fields.


So far as love is concerned, broadly positive portrayals, cortqzar as those involving passion, sad evocations of failed affairs, and hopes of total communication, are counterbalanced by images of rape and violence. Modern literature makes special demands, and this is particularly true of foreign literature, in which the reader must contend not only with unfamiliar, often arcane artistic conventions and philosophical concepts, but also with the handicap of moebiis the literature in translation.

She discovers that the museum is installed in a house in dl each room leads into the next; Diana now embarks on this spatial sequence, this other journey. Beyond this, the books treat the specifically literary aspects of the author under discussion and attempt to explain the complexities of contemporary literature lucidly.

This turns into a habit, even a predictable and agreeable one, but the narrator becomes worried about the condition of the apartment as the number of rabbits increases, and he tries to confine them to a wardrobe. By the end of the novel, the passengers have resolved themselves into majority and minority groups. Nonetheless, it would be foolish and dishonest to imply that my ideas have not been affected by countless cogtazar of criticism written by others.

In Europe, French had been the language the family used at home, with the result cortazzr the children arrived in Argentina not knowing Spanish.

Understanding Julio Cortázar (Understanding Modern European and Latin American Literature)

He has Marini smell the aromas of the island, feel the wind and sand against his skin, swim in an erotic encounter with the womb of the sea: As a student he had discovered jazz; a famous photo of him shows him trying to play the trumpet. The adolescent must learn to swim by himself; nonetheless, seeing his uncertainties, at one stage a wave of protectiveness overcomes Denise, she mothers him and embarrasses him in the process; she will help him along the road to independence, despite herself.

Political power, authorial power, the power of destiny, or a godlike force are all implied at one time or another.

In standard Spanish there are both familiar and honorific polite forms of pronouns; in Argentine Spanish there are additional dialectal variants, which extend the palette. As an adult, quite often the strategy led him to write texts that were analogous to the artworks he was contemplating. He also predicts that the play will improve. Thinking about believing about imagining, the axolotl-man says: Another key interest was music; there had been plenty of music at home and his aunt was a music teacher, but during the teacher training years he discovered jazz.


The year wasthe start of the First World War; Belgium was occupied by the Germans, so the family sought refuge first in Switzerland and then in Spain, before moving back to Argentina when Julio was about four. Another thing that is clear is that Rema is grateful to Isabel for what she has done. His awareness of being different combined with a natural introversion to make Julio see his home and the garden in Banfield as a happy refuge. Library Locations and Hours. The walk through the garden may signal a return to innocence, but what, then, of the river that lies beyond it?

Despite much insistence on the imaginary status of the experiences in Budapest in the diary entry for 25 January, for example, the frequency of words related to thinking, believing, or inventing is particularly conspicuousthose experiences seem to become ever more immediate.

This modern bestiary could be understood as having some moral implications. He wrote the first scenes without a hitch, unaware of where he was heading; had someone told him ds that point that there would be a poisoning at the end, he would have been astounded. Some are spurred into action by the unknown: The rational explanation is that Fernando is getting drunk and that part of him is still credulously innocent and childlike.

Queremos tanto a Glenda / Julio Cortázar; prólogo, Fernando Iwasaki – Details – Trove

Sycophants proclaim his greatness: Wife and cat continue their tacit communion, able to see beyond the window, and looking back at the isolated narrator who cannot do so. He publishes Los autonautas de la cosmopista and Nicaragua, tan violentamente dulce.

Carol Dunlop was an American who had been active in political protests during the Vietnam era and had lived for some time in French Canada. Ill at ease, Michel leaves the river, returns to his apartment, and, still fascinated, enlarges the photo he has taken to life-size. This she does quite well, in fact it is as if she oversteps the limits of her role because it becomes part of her, and she is reprimanded for that.