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Rohwer Directional Microphone Compared to the other instruments in a band the mouth organ is often not loud enough. Inwe presented a series of five articles dealing with eldktor the ins and outs of the RCX module, which is a microcontroller block with.

Table 1 shows an implementation with three equal resistors for the filter section and the theoretical circits for the capacitors. This version however makes it possible to operate one PC with two keyboards. What is needed is a microphone with a highly directional response. July 1, by Elektor Team Two Keyboards on one PC This circuit does the exact opposite of what most of this type of changeover switches attempt to do.


July 1, by Elektor Team Distance Measurement using Infrared In the form of the GP2D02, Sharp have produced a 037 which, with the aid of a microcontroller, can provide reasonably accurate measurements of distances in the range 10 to 80 cm.

There are two types of latching relay, with either one or two coils. July 1, by Burkhard Kainka Treasure Chest using Relays There exist special types of relay that have peculiar characteristics.

307 Circuits Elektor Electronic ISBN 0905705629 Clearance

Microphones that are equally sensitive in all directions have a spherical, or omnidirectional. Turn up the amplifier, and you eletor feedback. This article takes a different slant. The latter has a frequency range up. Originally developed for use as a proximity switch in sanitary ware, this sensor is also ideal for detecting objects.

July 1, by G. July 1, by D. This time as well, two tables are printed here. TV Elektor Ethics Back to top.


307 Circuits

Sort by Relevance Date descending Date ascending. However, many people are put off by the high price of such a device.

Types with just one coil are reset by applying. K1 is connected to the PC for this purpose while K2.

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Barth Digital Transformer An electrically isolated variable transformer is actually an obligatory piece of equipment in every electronics lab. Usually a changeover switch is used with two PCs and one keyboard. July 1, by K.

July 1, by Elektor Team Constant Voltage When batteries are used to power a circuit, there is always the problem that the battery voltage drops during operation.