Brigid Kemmerer may very well be my favorite female young adult author writing about guys. That’s hard . The Elemental Series is one of my favorites out there. The complete series list for – Elemental Brigid Kemmerer. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 9 Up-High school junior Becca Chandler is First in the Elemental series: “A refreshingly human paranormal romance” in which a girl stumbles into a world of adventure, danger, and romantic.

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Michael and Gabriel annoyed me, but Nick and Chris elementao okay. Kememrer plot, thrilling actions and twist and the ever so hot Merrick brothers and of course Hunter, this third book is something you wouldn’t want to miss in this series. That being said, of the bunch – outside of his epic Ho-yay moments with Gabriel – I’m not exactly Hunter’s biggest fan it might just be the Rogue-like streak of white hair but after reading a full-length novel about him, I may have just understood Hunter’s love of brown rice and steamed tofu a little better.

It’s what you got when you chose to read a book right before a major exam starts. Oct 22, Georgia marked it krmmerer to-read. Secret Elemental Elmeental 4 Jan 28, This event, combined with the multiple others eventually get Hunter tossed out of his house. And you can believe that Drew did intend to try something. It’s not like things will turn completely good but at least there is something to keep his mind off everything bad in the world. Any girl who wanted to sleep with half the school wouldn’t pull away when I touch her.

Perhaps it was what Kemmerer was going for? Join the Elementals Read-Along! As much as I wanted to, the romance wasn’t my favourite. The Full Circle by meggles98 reviews When Chris gets jumped late one night, the Merrick brothers have trouble figuring out who it was.

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There was a lot of good stuff too! And well, elemnetal I’ll eagerly wait the release of the next one ; For this one and more reviews go to: If you even halfway liked it, chances are you’ll like Storm as much or better because it expands upon this world. This kid really can’t catch a break, I felt so sad for him but also wanted to smack him at times. He gets kicked out of his own house.

It’s compulsively readable, and interesting. Spark though really was a game changer, showing how much Kemmerer found her footing by establishing this series around an alternating cast of relatable male kemmerrr and knowing me, that’s a huge dealBrigid Kemmerer may very well be my favorite female young adult author writing about guys.

She has one talent. Maybe I’m wrong, having grown up elemenhal just a sister, and this is actually how boy siblings get along. But take note – most of these stories were composed of an all-girls troupe, so when I first read the synopsis of Storm, I scoffed.

Four brothers, each a powerful elemental, a community at war, and one girl caught in the middle, Brigid Kemmerer brings her A-game in her electrifying debut. Discuss kemjerer first book here. I could relate with Gabriel but I couldn’t do the same with Hunter who frustrated me to the point I had to take a break from the book.

With nowhere to go, he finds welcome in the most unlikely of places: The story remained fast paced and orginal as the plot twisted in surprising ways until the last page View all 18 comments. And I warned you. His grandfather, spoiling for a fight. As it is brogid YA, they’re all really not boys anymore as sixteen-year-olds still tend to be but they’re all like really elemntal up with defined cheekbones and jawlines and muscles and voices and each one is basically sex on a stick, just perfect human beings with no flaws at all.

It was the book I was least excited about and to be honest I even thought of not reading it.

Elemental series, Brigid Kemmerer FanFiction Archive | FanFiction

I didn’t know what to think of her. Hunter ” No one gives a shit about me until there’s a mess, and then suddenly everything is my fault! And Nick and Quinn? Porque duh uh, cualquier chica que “se respete a si misma” no va a ser un ser sexual.


Almost as big as my anticipation for Nick and Michael’s books. But Hunter was pretty much torn in Spirit, he never knew his parents really, the path his dad wanted him to follow, he kept finding himself drifting along a different one entirely and who could he really trust?

Elemental Series

Weathering this Storm proved to be very rewarding. Unlike other books, Kemmerer does pull some strings that we kemmeret to hide.

As in, maybe it’s not what you like. And at first I was very pleasantly surprised. Because it’s not what you expect when you hear those words.

The book was paced perfectly with action around elekental corner and the meaningful reflective moments and romantic moments exactly where it felt they should be. I really felt for him throughout all the book. Not only is he completely alone in the world, but he is being abused and neglected by the very people who should be taking care of him.

Books | Brigid Kemmerer

Something that surprised me though, was my newfound love of Michael. I don’t think it was bad, I just dislike 3rd person PoV because I am a strange person and it usually takes me a lot longer to connect with characters.

Especially the emotional aspect of the story. Return to Book Page.

Will I be reading the sequals? View all 17 comments. Fun, adventure, magic, and hot guys. It was actually pretty funny how fast I change my mind in this book.

But Kate has an angenda of her own, she is a Guide brought in town to terminate any Elementals, like the Merricks.