The Age of Revelation, Or, The Age of Reason Shewn to be an Age of Infidelity. by Elias Boudinot. Publication date Topics divine, author. The Age of Revelation has 8 ratings and 1 review. Samuel said: Boudinot wrote this response to Thomas Paine’s Age of Reason disappointed Elias Boudinot. A PEOPLE WHO MEAN TO BE THEIR OWN GOVERNORS MUST. ARM THEMSELVES WITH THE POWER WHICH KNOWLEDGE GIVES. THE AGE OF.

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The heathen world was now in an awful state of darkness and vice. Now it is a fact not less remarkable, than well at tested, that the druids in Great-Britain in their groves, were accustomed to select the most stately and beautiful tree, as an emblem of the Deity they adored; and having cut off the side branches, they affixed two of the largest of them to the highest part of the trunk, in such a manner, as that those branches, extending on each side like the arms of a man, presented to the spectators the appearance of a huge cross, and on the bark in various places was actually inscribed the letter T.

To Christians, who are well instructed in the Gospel of the Son of God, such expedients rather add confirmation to their faith. From thence to the designation of the family in which he was to be born, was years.

But how does the unbeliever better himself, by the denial of all revelation, and flying to his religion of nature? I therefore determined, as God should give me health and leisure, were it only by improving a few moments at a time, to put my thoughts on the subject of this pamphlet, on paper, for your edification and information, when I shall be no more.

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Had he read the Jewish Scriptures, or the heathen mythology in its first principles, with care; or attended to the known doctrines and principles of the Jews as a religious people, and the primitive religion of many of the heathen nations, he would have known, that a trinity in unity, was a doctrine taught many hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, and indeed from the beginning of the world.

Mahomet made his laws, not to curb, but humor the genius of the people; they were therefore altered and repealed from the same causes.

What is there in the nature of revealed religion, when compared with other sciences, and the present degraded state of human nature, that a man should comprehend all its great and important truths, without labour and investigation, whilst most subjects, even of human knowledge, are not to be obtained but by industrious application, with all the aids of learning and experiment?

The apostles condemned both scribe and pharisee for their unbelief, hypocrisy and formality — the whole body of the Jews, for their darling partiality to their own nation, and ceremonial law; and threatened the most dreadful punishment in a future state, upon all.

Original copies are impossible to find. He preached to the Brahmins, the doctrines of meekness and benevolence. Boudinot knew that he could no longer wait for someone else to respond.

But it will be asked, how are these things known, but by bare ” hearsay upon hearsay? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

For there is no subject, about which not only the unlearned, but even the learned, differ so much; and their opinions are so various and discordant, that only one of them can be true, though all may be erroneous. The Gospel is the only test of all the theory and allowed practices of the Christian church; and whenever that is swerved from in either, its emphatical language is, “Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do thy first works, or else I will come quickly, and remove thy candlestick out of its place, except thou repent.

This prohibition seemed to concern only the common and frequent use of them; for besides what has been already observed, Plutarch says, “They continued in his time; and it was not till about the time of Constantine’s reign, that a final stop was put to so strange and abominable a practice; for though it was forbidden by Adrian, and very much abated in his reign, yet Antinous was made a sacrifice by Adrian himself.


Incidentally, was the year that saw the birth of Elias Boudinot. All these seeming contradictions were to be reconciled in the person of revelatipn expected Messiah; and they centered, as in a point, in the man Christ Jesus, the only reelation Son of God.

From the fear of this tyrant, he was fostered in Mattra, by an honest herdsman, and passed his innocent hours in rural diversions at his foster father’s farm. Yet, I confess, it is to be feared, that it is too late for him to hearken to the words of wisdom from any quarter whatever; because, in so doing, he must acknow-ledge either his ignorance or wickedness, in asserting with so much confidence, “That the theory of the Christian church sprung out of the tail of the hea-then mythology, and that the Trinity of Gods that then followed, was no other than a reduction of the former plurality, which was twenty or thirty thousand.

Newly typeset and published as a smythe-sewn not glued hardback with a beautifully designed dust jacket, this limited edition is the finest version of this valuable work that you will find.

Maurice asserts, that ” Mattra,” the Methora of Pliny “is situated about 18 miles from Agra, on the direct road to Delhi, and is particularly celebrated for having been the birth place of Creeshna, who is esteemed in India, not so much an incarnation of the Divine Veeshnu, as the Deity himself in a human form. It is true that Moses, Christ and Mahomet, all claimed the authority of a divine mission: From the reputation the author had gamed, by his former political writings, in this country; writings, which, from local circumstances, and the state of men’s minds at the moment of an important revolution, gave celebrity to their author, the production before us has met with a more general approbation, than could otherwise have been expected.

Then will piety be mere hypocrisy, and all religion be at an end; and this will be attended with the greatest confusion in the business of life.

He was a virtuous and amiable man. This was by tradition, which however limpid it may be near its fountain head, is, like other streams, very apt to swell and become turbid in its progress. Initially, it was written to his daughter to bolster her Christian faith, but he later expanded it for a general readership.

Thus we have very strong evidence from the history of Moses, that the religion of Adam, Enoch, Seth, Noah, Shem, Abraham, and his children Isaac and Jacob, led them to look to the Messiah that was to come, the promised seed of the woman, pre-figured in all their sacrifices and oblations of blood shed upon their altars.

Till this be decided, men must be in much error about things of the greatest importance. She is not agf among the nobles of her country, or the princes of her tribe. All the places round the image, were in the mean time filled with the noise of hautboys and tabors, to drown the poor infants’ crying.

The same author in his demonstration, proposition 3d, says, “that at new star or body of light seen by the wise men, is acknowledged by Julian, though he ascribes it to natural causes. These are facts related by them, not in a secret history, or in a corner; not for their private or personal advantage in this life, but at the risk of their reputation, peace, comfort, and even of their lives.

Johannes Solano marked it as to-read Jul 13, The time, however, is not far off, when they will command a very different reception, among the sons of men. This is the subject of rational revelatin, and of conviction, from the conclusive nature of the evidence: Finally, to omit other interesting particulars, that the duration of the Cali-Yug, or age immediately succeeding the great deluge, according pf their own calculations, does not but by a few centuries, exceed the period asserted by Christian chronologers, to have elapsed since the deluge of Noah; and that the existing world is to be consumed by a general conflagration.


This is quoted by Eusebius, Hyeronimus in his Chronicon and origen against Celsus. Cleave unto it; keep it continually in view; all things else are vain and worthless; for they are passing quickly away.

The Age of Revelation, Or, The Age of Reason Shewn to be an Age of Infidelity

Add to all this, that Jesus Christ not only thus declared himself to be the Son of God with power, in Ms preaching, and proved the claim by doing the works that no man before him ever did; but that the crime for which he was crucified, was, that “being a man, he had made himself equal with God;” and this imputed crime he confessed at the bars, both of the high priest of the Jews, and of the Roman governor.

Are the enlightened, philosophic Newton, or Ritten-house, and the wandering savage of the Missisippi, on equal terms, with regard to this way to God? I recommend no sullen distance from your fellow-creatures, nor peevish discontent. They urge in all their teachings, the strictest attention to truth, and threaten the severest displeasure of Almighty God against falsehood, dissimulation and hypocrisy. Do you adopt the same object? If we proceed a step farther, we shall find Enoch walking with God — the children of Seth distinguished from the children of Cain, by the appellation of the sons of God.

Kiss the Son, lest he be an-gry — blessed are all they that put their trust in him. That the breach of them, necessarily reduces a separation from him, who is the fountain and source of all happiness and enjoyment; and of course, necessarily induces misery in the extreme.

Elias Boudinot’s “Age of Revelation”

These truths, together with many of the symbols of that pure theology, were propagated and diffused by them in their various peregrinations through the higher Asia, where they have immemorially flourished, affording a most sublime and honourable testi-mony of such a refined and patriarchal religion having actually existed in the earliest ages of the world.

In the religion of the Gospel, the Spirit of God has been promised by Jesus Christ, to lead his people into all truth; but it is the diligent, the active, the persevering and sincere inquirer, who is encouraged to depend upon this heavenly gift; and therefore the apostle exhorts his fellow Christians “to work out their own salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God,” saith he, “who worketh in you, both to will and to do, of his good pleasure,” Nothing short of consummate vanity, or the grossest ignorance, therefore, could lead to the unfounded conclusion, “that the way to God,” in our author’s sense, “is open to every man alike.

This is the only rational account of the prevalence of so strange a mode of worshipping revelaation beneficent Creator of the Heavens and the earth, unaccountable in revelxtion other view than as it was designed to show forth the great sacrifice of the Messiah, in offering himself up for the sins of his people.

I was soon convinced, that a principle of the illuminati in Europe, had been adopted by some unknown persons in this country, viz. Lisa marked it as to-read Mar 16, Arnobius, as early as the third century, says, “that it is extremely improbable that men should be so absurd and infatuated, as to agree together to pretend that they had seen things, which they had not seen; especially if we consider, that they were so reveltion from making any advantage of such an imposture, that they exposed themselves to the hatred of the world in general.