eLitmus Written Test Sample Model Papers with Answers. Practice your e-litmus exam online with elitmus sample papers, test papers and latest questions of e-litmus exam created by experts. Visit TCYonline for e-litmus . eLitmus Question Paper Answers Previous Year Old Placement Sample Model Papers with solution free download pdf eLitmus

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In this post, you will find eLitmus exam patternsyllabusexam fee, registration process and exam dates.

It is sampe important to get good percentile to get interview calls from big multinational companies. We have seen from last years Many IT Companies are facing big crisis which directly affects the most of the engineering students career.

eLitmus Question Paper Answers 2019 Previous Year Old Placement Papers

Almost every company is offering salary above 3 lakh per annum. Even few companies are offering L p. We contacted eLitmus directly and they said it will not be there in future.

Even if you do 1 question wrong you will get for that. There is no negative marking for unattempted questions. The hardest section paperd eLitmus is Problem Solving followed by Quants and English Verbal which is the easiest and thus 99 percentile is only when you score more than Practice the below provided chapters.

So that you can easily crack the exam. Each section currently has twenty questions making it a total of sixty questions. The maximum marks is The questions in each section are objective in nature with multiple choices, and are categorized into several levels of difficulty. Your final score will reflect not samplf the number of questions that you have answered correctly, but also their difficulty level, and on how your peers have fared on the same questions.


The test measures a broad range of skills that you have gained throughout your education.

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It does not test your proficiency in any specific areas or subjects. It presumes only a familiarity with high school level mathematics, and some proficiency in essential English language skills.

All required formulae are provided in the question paper. The test uses a unique handicap based negative marking approach. Since it was launched ineLitmus has been redefining how fresher sampel entry-level recruitment is done in India.

eLitmus Written Test Sample Model Papers with Answers

Our proprietary pH Test evaluates job seekers based on a variety of parameters, and grades them nationwide using an advanced statistical model, resulting in a pH Score for each candidate. An extensive range of online tools that we provide help recruiters to easily screen and select candidates based on this and dozens of other parameters.

With over four lakh engineers alone graduating every year from colleges spread across the length and breadth of the country, and over four thousand software companies vying for them, the logistics of entry-level recruitment in India are daunting, to say the least — both for recruiters and job-seekers. By all accounts, this challenge is only going to get more acute in the coming years, as the workforce in the knowledge industries expands to several times its current figure.


With the help of novel evaluation methods and innovative use of technology, eLitmus is able to solve both sides of this problem effectively. For recruiters, we provide a way to reach out to candidates from across India, any time of the year, using standardized evaluation criteria — all without any of the attendant logistical hassles, and with tremendous savings in cost and effort.

For job-seekers, we provide a one-stop-shop where they have access to dozens of employers from across the country, based on a completely objective and standardized score, dramatically improving their chances of finding that right first job, with much less effort.

Elitmus Preparation: Elitmus Sample Papers & Questions Online

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