Stitch ‘N Bitch by Debbie Stoller Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmermann Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann A. Elizabeth Zimmermann comes to the rescue with clever solutions to frustrating Knitting Without Tears. Author: Elizabeth Zimmermann. Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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WOOL Soft knittiing from the simple silly sheep can be as fine as a cobweb, tough and strong as string, or light and soft as down. Two, three, or even more rows of purl make a splendidly heavy horizontal welt or ridge.

To ask other readers questions about Knitting Without Tearsplease sign up. Garter stitch weaving is even simpler, but you must be careful to have the correct sides of the fabric together, or you may end up having two “purled” rows too close together or too far apart. Jul 20, Shannon rated it liked it Shelves: Since it is inadvisable to make the seams invisible, why not make them decorative?

Before I had even knit my first sweater, EZ explained the basics in a way that left me confident and brazen.

Knitting Without Tears

Far beyond my current knitting capabilities but certainly something to aspire to! This casting-off is a facsimile of casting-on.

The enormous advantage of this buttonhole is that it can leizabeth added when a garment is completed, and you know exactly where you want the buttons to be. Do you love to knit-and hate to purl? Work two stitches, pull the first one over the second, work a third stitch, pull the second one over it, work a fourth stitch, pull the third one over it, and so on.


I try to convince myself that I have no favorite sweaters, although I elizaeth make a great fuss over the latest designed, but I am especially fond of those constructed on the resourceful elimination of two of the most common knitters’ dislikes — the dislike of purling and the dislike of sewing-up.

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I had purchased this book in the early ’70’s, but lost it and every thing else in a wildfire 3 years ago. Well this Sewn Casting-off really looks more like casting-on. If you have landed yourself with five pieces of sweater zimmegmann be sewn together, try tackling the job from the right side, where you can at least see what you are doing, and how it’s going to look. A smallish crochet hook will be teara on occasion. Elizabeth Zimmerman has such excellent knowledge of knitting.

It is formed by knitting into the stitch of the row below from the back; not from the front.

It is not wrong in effect, as its proponents — or shall we say victims? Note that many of the chapter heads in this book are discussed in more detail in later books because they have fomented elizabfth and problem solving from its readers in THIS book.

If you have decided on an elastic ribbed lower edge for your sweater, do the job thoroughly — put in at least witout rows of K2, P2, rib.

Actually, the word “run” is inaccurate, as, contrary to superstition, a dropped stitch does not immediately zoom down to the bottom of your work like a run in a stocking. Jan 29, Sigrid Ellis rated it really liked it Shelves: By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.


Occasionally one comes upon a mature needle gauge in which the holes have actually become enlarged through constant teara, or by the forcing through of too large needles. Read more Read less. There are a lot of Elizabeth Zimmerman fans in knitting circles so I was curious to read her myself — she has her schtick, and I like it.

Knitting Without Tears : Elizabeth Zimmermann :

In elizabsth meantime I had completely zinmermann about it, so have just had to re-invent it. However, my designs may be executed in any stitch pattern that takes your fancy, as long as you reproduce the shaping correctly. It is very useful for finishing garter stitch, and in the case of stocking stitch causes it to curl less stubbornly. Want to Read saving…. The last is a bit dodgy at the underarm, but the raglan is one of my go-to favourites. She’s delightful to read and filled with deep wisdom about craft and creativity, and she has — for me — knittin the age-old question of why people wear the things they do: Plus, as she reminds gently, you can always rip out what doesn’t work!

She is completely matter-of-fact and enjoys her craft immensely without romanticizing it. Of course, some avoided pleurisy by swathing themselves in sables. If you wish to decrease two stitches in one fell swoop, then slip one, knit two together, and pass the slipped stitch over.