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Els parlars de la Vall de la Sosa de Peralta, Barcelona: Estudi descriptiu de la llengua de Fraga, Calaceit: Lo Rat Penat, 32 ps.

Haensch, Günther

Jo us en recomano un que em va agradar molt. Ir a cabecera2 Buscar. El parlar de la Plana de Vic, Manresa: Web UA Person Unit. Sanchis Guarner, Manuel Capacity to understand the history of the Catalan language through texts and the social, cultural and political changes to understand historical, social and cultural processes over time.

Quaderns Crema, ps. Negation in Central Pyrenean dialects.

Haensch, Günther – Página de voz – Gran Enciclopedia Aragonesa OnLine

Ability to communicate effectively and have linguistic understanding of one of the two official languages of the Region of Valencia Spanish or Catalan in their discipline. Llengua standard i paflars de llenguatge, Barcelona: Moll, Francesc de B.

Blasco Ferrer, Eduardo Recasens i Vives, Daniel Giner i Marco, Josep Caixa de Manresa, ps.

Segura i Llopes, J. Ability to understand and analyse the variants of the diachronic, diatopic and diastratic register in the Catalan language, recognising the value and richness of variation as the heritage of the Valencian, Catalan and Balearic par,ars.

Capacity to master the key theories, perspectives and conceptualisations for constructing the theoretical framework of linguistic and literary disciplines applied to Catalan language and literature as an expert on the subject and in different professional profiles.


Els parlars catalans: síntesi de dialectologia – Joan Veny Clar – Google Books

Syntax of the emphatic marker capThis paper explores the expression of emphatic negation in Catalan dialects, specifically in Central Pyrenean dialects mainly in Pallarese by means of the particle cap. Montoya Catalqns, Brauli Social commitment to the equality of men and women, the plurality and diversity of the realities of modern society, to peace and democracy.

Jo de l’Enric Valor en vaig llegir un trosset de les “Rondalles valencianes” Pla Fulquet, Joan Salut i visca els maulets! Capacity to use the pertinent resources and materials for self-learning bibliographies, dictionaries, reference works, terminological works, tutorials, new technologies and transmit the information in the Catalan language.

Be able to develop reading, analysis and synthesis techniques, formulate working hypotheses, demonstrate them with arguments and reach conclusions, as well as recognise and ensure the textual coherence structure of the text, organisation of ideas, progression of information, use of keywordsto explain and argue any subject related to Catalan language and literature, thus achieving the role of expert, transmitter and adviser catwlans the knowledge acquired.

La Franja de la Franja.

Capacity to understand the role of language in the construction of human beings as active members of a linguistic and cultural community and relate this to the function of individuals in society. Colomina i Castanyer, Jordi El parlar del Pallars, Barcelona: Capacity to understand morphological, syntactic, phonetic and lexico-semantic characteristics to use, transmit and apply knowledge to the analysis, comprehension and production of Catalan in oral and written forms.

Capacity to manage and use the resources provided by the information and communications technologies and apply those to the language and literature industries. Recomano llibres Jo us en recomano un que em va agradar molt. Indirectament, relacionava amb el meu estimat iaio que va faltar quan jo tenia 10 anys. Els parlars de la Terra Alta: Recomano llibres Jo de l’Enric Valor en vaig llegir un trosset de les “Rondalles valencianes” Llengua escrita i llengua nacional, Barcelona: Recomano llibres Valencianistes a Catalunya.


A mi el “Quan el mal ve d’espanya” m’ha agradat molt. From a synchronic and theoretical standpoint, we present a morphosyntactic description of the element; comment on the main distributional patterns, syntactic properties and formal features; and add brief remarks on the semantic and pragmatic use of the element studied.

Ability to use the standard model and the different sub-standards of the Catalan language, as well as understanding and knowing how to apply lexical creation and innovation mechanisms to adapt oneself to the communication needs of the modern world. Us en deixo la ressenya.

Centres, Departments and Research Institutes. Institut d’Estudis del Baix Cinca, ps. In the first approach, we take advantage of the traditional dialectology data to analyse the etymology of cap and present a geo-linguistic delimitation of the use of the particle in the dialects of the Trans-Pyrenean area. Reeditat en Randa, 8ps.

Capacity to understand the pragmatic, textual and discursive characteristics of the Catalan language to use, transmit and apply knowledge to the analysis, comprehension and production of Catalan in oral and written parlafs.