The ELx™ is a compact, robust microplate reader ideally suited for applications within the clinical and life science research laboratory. When interfaced with. BioTek – ELxAbsorbance Microplate Reader, The ELx™ is designed for applications within the clinical, biotechnology research and pharmaceutical. BioTek ELx – Operator’s BioTek – ELx by BioTek. BioTek – ELx Download PDF. Product Details · Forums · Documents; Parts; Videos.

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Tighten the securing screws on both ends of the cable. If you need to ship the ELx Reader to Bio-Tek for service or repair, be sure to use the original packing. This chapter introduces the ELx Automated Microplate Reader and describes its hardware and software features. If the original packing materials have been damaged, replacements are available from Bio-Tek. Faulty motherboard PN, or or daughter board PNor Traceability to the U.

Use a clean, dry cloth to dry all wet surfaces. Page 56 Chapter 2: To edit the filter table: Rinse the contents into a 1-liter volumetric flask. Page 87 A, C, E and G rows.

Recommended Test Schedule Liquid Test 3, p.

For each mean below 2. The cursor is positioned at the first editable field, and advances automatically.

Hooking the Shipping Straps Ar Can anybody help Reply. Page – Figure A, C, E and G rows. Flex cable is disconnected or damaged. Failure to conduct Quality Control checks could result in erroneous test data. Operation Chapter 3 Operation This chapter includes instructions for operating the ELx and its software.


Stock Solution Formulation Rinse the contents into a 1-liter volumetric flask. Connect the power supply and cable to the rear of the instrument.

Using well Geometry Appendix B Using Well Geometry The following describes how to manipulate data received from a plate with well geometry. Maintenance And Decontamination Chapter 5 Maintenance and Decontamination This chapter contains procedures for maintaining and decontaminating the ELx On connecting via USB port cannot establish communication.

Provide Bio-Tek with the name and contact information of a person who may be contacted if questions arise. A1 and A2 wells. Quality El8x00 And Results It is recommended that each laboratory determine its own normal range, based on the population techniques and equipment employed.

Remove Subscription Confirm Remove.

Page Check the filters on the test plate to ensure that there is no debris that may have shifted between readings and caused changes.

The next standard control, or sample, would follow in B2.

Contact Information toll free in the U. Page 61 – Figure Installation Turn the instrument over e,x800 install the top cover that was removed in step 6 Figure 11 Mounting screws Top cover Figure Page Bearings caused motors to fail. Lamp assembly ELx Operator’s Manual Page of Go. Check the filters on the test plate to ensure that there is no debris that may have shifted between readings and caused changes.


Manual mapping is recommended to set up the appropriate map by placing the standards, controls, and samples in only the A, C, E, and G rows.


Reattaching the End Caps Page 64 – Figure ODor just to els800 sample wells SMP. The options appear on the display in the order that they were programmed in the assay. For example, if the assay requires one or more positive control wells and one or more negative control wells, enter Move the carrier to the home position.

Also included is contact information if technical assistance is needed.

BioTek ELx800 – Operator’s Manual.pdf

Warnings When operated in a safe environment according to the instructions in this document, there are no known hazards associated with the instrument. Only qualified technical personnel should perform troubleshooting and service procedures on internal components.

Placing the unit in the box Bio-Tek Instruments, Inc.