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The lawyer, who apparently HAS NOT been granted a Sijil Amalan Guaman Syarie Negeri Selangor, therefore has no authority or qualification to act as a syariah lawyer in the State of Selangor, may have completely forgotten about the day requirement to file in the “kes induk”. I subsequently checked with the marriage registrar at JAWI and I was informed that my ex-wife and her boyfriend remarried on the same day 10 November using a “Wali Hakim”.

My wife of all people? What is she up to? I checked the call listing. As for the father, Arahan Amalan 15 Tahun states that a father will lose custody if he fulfils any one of the following conditions. I had to keep my mouth shut.

In the event the mother is not capable of taking custody, or loses her rights, then Section 82 2 of EUUKIS states that the subsequent order of priority for child custody is as follows. The Honorable Judge then looked back on the attendance record and noted that the Defendant my ex-wife and her lawyer had failed to turn up for the previous two mention dates.

I received a copy of the letter on 2 February Out of 4, one should know. Wednesday, 30 March Wali Hakim Mystery solved! It appears that she is willing to put to question the status of my children simply to gain custody.

During the next few hours, the locksmith cut and replaced all the locks in my house. As I was not there, he said that he will return the next day.

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The question is, is this really fair that the courts would grant such an order without giving a chance or equitably listening to the views of the respondent? Since it was an ex-parte hearing, I was not aware of it and I had no way of defending myself. Undang-undsng far as I am aware, “Wali Hakims” are yndang-undang for children born out of wedlock or in circumstances where the “Wali” cannot be found. The nusyuz period ends when the wife starts to obey her husband’s instructions or when the divorce had taken place, whichever is earlier.


The Ex-Parte Court Order obtained by my ex-wife amongst others was to Freeze all my bank accounts and shares Injunct me from dealing with and remaining in sflangor matrimonial home Injunct me from removing any items from the matrimonial home Allow her to enter into the matrimonial home to take posession of her personal belongings After obtaining the Ex-Parte Court Order, my ex-wife’s lawyers expeditiously served the order to the banks on 7 and 8 October In her application, she wrongfully affirmed and misrepresented to the Mahkamah Rendah Syariah Kuala Lumpur that she was living in Kuala Lumpur.

I am still stumped. As discussed in my previous post, her rights to child custody will be affected if she remarried. I divorced my ex-wife on 25 September We just celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary in March !

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Upon my objections, my ex-wife and her lawyer insisted that they are enforcing the Ex-Parte Court Order. My ex-wife had no choice but to turn up as keluuarga wanted the divorce case to be settled so that she can get married to her boyfriend.

After migrating to Sabah, and after her birth inher parents still did not have any documentary proof of their marriage. We promptly filed in our defence and the next mention date was set for 2 December The process server insisted that the documents are to be served to me personally. How to lose custody. Looking back, it undang-jndang for this reason that she is now at the time of writing in a complete mess and desperate.

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I was then subsequently informed that a Mahkamah Rayuan Syariah Selangor court order will be issued. That was my paramount duty as a father. To say that I was shocked is a complete understatement. I received a call from undang-udang officemate this afternoon informing me that a process server i. As mentioned in my previous post, on 17 January the Mahkamah Rayuan Syariah Selangor had ruled that my ex-wife’s Ex-Parte Syariah High Court Order dated 6 October “Ex-Parte Order” is not enforcable on grounds that Undang-unndang ex-wife had failed to file in the “Kes Induk” for within 14 days; and My ex-wife had failed to serve the order to me within 10 days as provided for in the Ex-Parte Order.


Thinking of their well being gave me the strength to fight. Secondly, the Plaintif will then need to prove that despite his written instructions, the Defendant had continued to disobey him. Who the hell is this guy? She didn’t raise this issue selangir we got married. What’s their grand plan?

It means that they can still carry my name i. The order was granted on 6 October and the order was expeditiously served to the banks on 8 October It is plain simple that it cannot be enforced due to my ex-wife’s failure well her lawyer’s failure to be exact to comply with certain provisions of the law.

If convicted may be fined not more than RM3, or 2 years imprisonment or both. She may have panicked after learning that I had done so and probably realised that the Ex-Parte Court Order’s validity is in doubt.

A Syariah Court proceeding in Kuala Lumpur?

I was then asked to leave the house. PRIOR to the divorce.

My colleague could not tell me whether it was Mahkamah Syariah or Mahkamah Sivil. Damn you unfaithful and selfish animals! The packers packed and took away sofa sets, cupboards, bed, electrical items, curtains, flower pots, TV cabinet, pots and pans, wall clock, home furnishings etc.

The effects of a wife being declared nusyuz amongst others are as follows In the event of a divorce, the wife will not be entitled to “mutaah” or compensation for divorce The wife will also not be entitled to “nafkah iddah” There will also be effects to the wife’s share of matrimonial assets During any nusyuz proceedings, the burden of proof is on the Plaintiff.

It is not about setting aside or cancelling the wretched court order. That is completely unethical and clearly hitting below the belt!