Very pretty fingerless mitts, but the knitting is definitely not for the beginner. The colorwork is not too complicated, though, and the designer provides a chart that. I’ve had these mitts finished for a while but haven’t gotten photos of them until today. The pattern is Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang. The yarn is. Links and Resources. Endpaper Fingerless Mitts (K) Free Pattern. Sep 28, # · breeze ·

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Everyone needs a hiatus from that which keeps us so busy – you are so creative and talented – sometimes the brain needs a rest – jitts to come alive with wonderful new ideas – which in your case – we so enjoy! I think it is really ugly and unflexible. When working this section of the piece, the chart must be mirrored for the back of the work.

I have some sock yarn just sitting around not being socks that would look marvelous as these.

Endpaper Fingerless Mitts (K) Free Pattern

I’ll wait for the ‘extras’ you promise with the pdf file. I made a very simple pair and promptly lost one of them! Dorothy B November 16, You’re destined for greatness, Eunny. Max Daniels November 16, Thank you for the pattern!


Endpaper Mitts

Your inspiration is so timely that I had to smile. These look like great fun, I’ve actually already started a pair and gotten through the ribbing and the beginning of hte colorwork.

When I grow up I want to be you!!!!!!!!! I only wish my fair isle were prettier so I could do the pattern justice!

Ravelry: Endpaper Mitts pattern by Eunny Jang

Knitpicks Palette in Rndpaper and Apricot Inspiration: I love the color combination as well. Im casting on tonight. I think I’ll try this as a preparation for the deep v vest and the venezia sweater.

Powered by Movable Type 3. Thanks a million enrpaper the pattern. Aimee November 16, I’ve wanted to learn colorwork and it looks like the perfect project: Nini November 16, These should be just the thing to get me out of my Xmas knitting slump.

Eilene November 17, Well, this is a long one in the end, keep up the great work and don’t force yourself, otherwise you will find it a chore rather mittss a pleasure ;P.

Here you are to the rescue again.

Endpaper Mitts Free Knitting Pattern

Jen November miyts, Tamara February 8, I’ve found myself stalling because I really want to wet my feet with a small project. Thanks for this pattern Eunny. These would be an excellent first project for a novice colorwork knitter – they’re small and snappy and dead-simple, the pattern is easy to memorize and predict and they’re worked in the round, so you’ll learn to read your knittingand they’ll teach you some shaping basics.


THIS, you wonderful designer, is perfect! I think it’s just plain old fatigue, really – lately, nothing I’ve knit has felt like much fun.

Punkin November 16, E to the M November 17, I need a new pair of mits but I haven’t liked any of the simple patterns out there. Sorry to bother you!

Ellen November 22, I’m not sure if it’s the time of year or just something in the air, but when you’re candle is burning at both ends even something as soothing as knitting can feel like a chore. Actually think I may have the right yarn for it.