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On November 18, , following the election of George H.W. Bush as president, . Ronald Reagan issued Executive Order No. , entitled “Assignment of. During the funding lapse, is not being supported. If data feeds are not available from GPO, will not be. Executive Order of March 16, .. , and sections (3)-(4) of Executive Order of November 18, , are revoked.

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Views Read View source View history. The functions authorized by 42 U. Prepare do disseminate predictions of the future state of the environment and issue warnings of all severe hazards and extreme conditions of nature to all who may be affected; c.

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The plan, to be developed annually for submission by the President to Congress on the proposed participation by federal agencies, shall be prepared for transmittal to the President by the Secretary. The functions in Title el of the U. Participate in a national government program for response to discharges of oil and hazardous substances, including administration of e program to assess and collect damages for loss of or injury to natural resources in marine ecosystems, and to prepare and implement natural resource restoration and replacement plans; and.

The head of each Federal department and agency wo ensure the continuity of essential functions in any national security emergency by providing for: This Order is effective immediately. Constitution would seem to be failing. Perform research and develop 12665 regarding the observation, communication, processing, correlation, analysis, dissemination, storage, retrieval, and use of environmental data as may ei necessary or desirable to permit NOAA to discharge its responsibilities; i.

The functions regarding weather in Title 49, Chapter 15 of the U. Such murky definitions cover a lot of ground and are ripe with a potential for abuse by unscrupulous securocrats and their corporate partners. The functions of federal trustee of natural resources, including conduct of damage assessments, assertion of damage claims, agreements to covenants not to sue, preparation of natural resource restoration, rehabilitation, or replacement or acquisition plans, and expenditures of amounts recovered as damages to restore, rehabilitate, replace, or acquire the equivalent of such natural resources damaged or lost, as authorized by Sections bafbc1265and j of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, as amended, 42 U.


Provide maps and charts of the oceans and inland waters for navigation, geophysical and other purposes, aeronautical charts, and related publications and services; d.

I am suggesting the revocation of that Executive Order and the incorporation into it the underlying principles of NSDD [] concerning mobilization. According to their August eoo to Paul N.

As Antifascist Calling previously reported see: The functions regarding the operation of: Operate and so a 12566 for the storage, retrieval and dissemination of data regarding the state and resources of the oceans and inland waters including the seabed, and the state of the upper and lower atmosphere, and of the Earth, 112656 Sun, and the space environment; e. To ensure the safety and welfare of the public, and to further the Nation’s interests and activities for: So much of the functions of the transferor officers and agencies referred to in or affected by the foregoing provisions of this section as is incidental to or necessary for the performance by or under the Secretary of Commerce of the functions transferred by those provisions or relates primarily to those functions.

Administer a deep seabed hard minerals resources program to license the exploration for and commercial recovery of hard mineral resources of the deep seabed by citizens of the United States; to encourage conservation of such resources; to protect the quality of the environment; and to encourage continued technological development; s. With slim prospects of congressional authorization for the scheme, in fact the language was removed from subsequent Defense spending legislation, other means were required.

Perform economic studies, education, and other services regarding development, management and utilization of marine 126566 anadromous fisheries, administer grant-in-aid, fishery products inspection, financial and technical assistance, and other programs to conserve and develop fisheries wo and to foster and maintain a workable climate for industry to produce efficiently under competitive conditions; l.

As a Department-wide responsibility, coordinate the requirements for and the management and use of radio frequencies by all organizations of the Department of Commerce; p. The functions prescribed by the Fisherman’s Protective Act ofas amended 22 U. The functions of the Secretary authorized by 15 U.

Establishing martial law in the United States – SourceWatch

The functions in 15 U. Coordinate efforts of federal agencies in support of national and international programs do assigned, such as federal meteorological services and supporting research, World Weather Program, National Networks of Geodetic Control, Integrated Global Ocean Station System, and Marine Environmental Prediction, Mapping and Charting; f.


My understanding is that organizations in the Executive Branch have been asked to comment on the appropriateness for revision and revocation of E. Executive Order Noas amended, is hereby revoked.

Required or established by, or provided for in, agency regulations. For the first time in American history, the reigns of government would not be transferred from one elected element to another, but the Constitution, itself, can be suspended. As used in this Order, preparedness functions and activities include, as appropriate, policies, plans, procedures, and readiness measures that enhance the ability of the United States Government and the STATES, and the private sector to 1265 for, respond to, and recover from any catastrophic incident or event.

The Assistant Administrator for Oceanic and Atmospheric Research shall perform the functions and duties of 1256 Chief Scientist in the event the latter is unable to carry out the duties of the office, or in the event of a vacancy in the office. The functions contained in Title 11 of P. Administer a national government program to preserve, protect, develop, and where possible restore or enhance the land and water resources of the coastal zones, including grants, loans, and loan guarantees to the states and interagency coordination and cooperation, as provided by the Coastal Zone Management Act ofas amended; q.

Code cite for an Act cited therein.


The following functions regarding response to releases of hazardous substances or discharges of oil, and the resulting claims for damages to natural resources, as authorized by the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act CERCLAas amended, 42 U. The head of each Federal department and agency that administers a 1265, insurance, or benefit programs that relies upon the Federal Government payment system shall coordinate 1265 the Secretary of the Treasury in developing plans for the continuation or restoration, to the extent feasible, of such programs in national security emergencies.

The functions in the following sections of E.