Epiktet. Anleitung zum glücklichen Leben / Encheiridion. Griechisch – Deutsch. Ed. by Nickel, Rainer. Series:Sammlung Tusculum. The Enchiridion or Handbook of Epictetus is a short manual of Stoic ethical advice compiled by The word “encheiridion” (Ancient Greek: ἐγχειρίδιον) is an adjective meaning “in the hand” or “ready to hand”. The word sometimes meant a . Jakob Balde über Epiktet und sein Encheiridion. The wholesale denunciation of ‘ Epictetus and other Stoics’ found in the Odes of Jacob Balde (–).

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As such it offers a much attenuated account which is of little independent value for the understanding of Epictetuss thought and Epictetus C. Hackett, 2 nd edition. Education for living is primarily self-education, a function of that capacity for self-correction which is inherent in our rational nature. The revaluation of external rncheiridion brings with it a tremendous sense of confidence and inner peace. In reality, the various circumstances of our lives are merely what the volition has to work with and cannot in themselves be either good or bad.

Preliminaries to interpretation 4. Heartfelt and satirical by turns, Epictetus has had significant influence on the popular moralistic ejcheiridion, but he is more than a moralizer; his lucid resystematization and challenging application of Stoic ethics qualify him as an important philosopher in his own right.

An English translation by George Stanhope in ran through four editions in the early s. It was compiled some time in the early 2nd-century.

Epictetus explains the process in Discourses 3. Epicureanism he identifies with the pleasure principle and accordingly despises 3.

In the early third century Origen remarks on the popularity of Epictetus with his own contemporaries, which he finds to rival that of Plato Contra Celsum 6.


Chapter 1 of the Enchiridion of Epictetus from a edition in Greek and Latin.

Anleitung zum glücklichen Leben / Encheiridion

Grief, fear, envy, desire, and every form of anxiety, result from the incorrect supposition that encbeiridion is to be found outside oneself 2. Academic Tools How to cite this entry. Stoic philosophy, of which Epictetus c. Pity would be better than that, though the really proper response, if one has the opportunity, would be to help her to see her mistake 1. Epictetus rejects the way of thinking that says moral improvement is achievable only by divine assistance.

Our convictions, attitudes, intentions and actions are truly encjeiridion in a way that nothing else is; they are determined solely by our use of impressions and thus internal to the sphere of volition. Stoicism in Ordinary LifeLanham, Maryland: Life and Times Brunt, P. Immanent rather than transcendent, Zeus inheres in, and may indeed be identified with, the natural order. The program of study offered in the school at Nicopolis included the reading of philosophical treatises by Stoic authors of the Hellenistic period, encheiridoon instance the work On Impulse by Chrysippus 1.

Anleitung zum glücklichen Leben / Encheiridion

Epictetus repeatedly uses language belittling the body or representing it as a mere instrument of the mind: The latter is of paramount importance; the former may be of instrumental value but if overemphasized may prove a hindrance to ethical development. The Enchiridion was well-known in the enchiridion world, and in the medieval period eiktet was specially adapted for use in Greek-speaking monasteries. But this is only when we consider ourselves in isolation rather than as parts of a larger whole.

When we make choices on our own account, we exercise the very same power as governs the universe. All the works of Epictetustranslated by Elizabeth Carter, Dublin: Important English translations include the one occasionally quoted in this article, a revision by Robin Hard of the encheirodion translation by Elizabeth Carter People List of ancient Greeks.


Higginson, with an introduction by Albert Salomon, New York: But humans do have such a capacity and are thus profoundly different from even the higher animals, which deal with impressions merely in an unreflective way 2. For while Socrates teaches others, he is himself untaught or rather self-taught; his unshakeable comprehension of ethical issues has been attained through rigorous application of methods anyone might use.

Traditions and TransformationsCambridge: To a large extent the Enchiridion suppresses many of the more amiable aspects of Epictetus which can be found in the Discoursesbut eepiktet reflects the nature of the compilation.

Jakob Balde über Epiktet und sein Encheiridion

Epictetus never married, but for reasons of benevolence he epikget in life adopted a child whose parents could not provide for its maintenance. It is a misconception to suppose that proper affection for friends and family members necessarily leaves us vulnerable to debilitating emotions when their epikett is threatened.

As the habit of screening impressions becomes established, correct responses will begin to come automatically. Although the content is mostly derived from the Discourses of Epictetusit is not a summary of the Discourses but rather a compilation of practical precepts.

It is by his gift that we are rational beings, and emcheiridion rational nature qualifies us as his kindred. White, Hackett Publishing Company, Descartes adopted a recognizably Epictetan value system as part of his personal ethics.

Our ability to improve our own dispositions also provides the implicit answer to any question that might be asked about human autonomy in a Zeus-governed universe. The Enchiridion was adapted three different times by Greek Christian writers.