Ergot and ergotism by G. Barger, , Gurney and Jackson edition, in English. 16 George Barger, Ergot and Ergotism: A monograph Based on the England Historic, Geneological Society (Boston: Samuel G. Drake, ). flour or grain used for example in bread or for brewing beer, the ergot alkaloids may lead to the hor- rible disease called Barger G () Ergot and Ergotism.

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On questioning a surgeon he was told that rye was the cause; this surgeon had amputated one of her feet which had become gangrenous from the same cause. Est autem in ipsis miraculis hoc insignius miraculum. Hussa reported 17, Wagner 20, Lorinser [Silesia ] 33 per cent. Organism Groups see more detailsmaize maize Subject Category: The only Norwegian epidemic on record is said to have occurred inin the Smaalehnene province, south of Oslo, near the Swedish frontier.

The same is found in almost all attempts to procure abortion see p.

It may be that the nervous symptoms in Flanders were connected with a great mortality of cattle a year or byy earlier, mentioned by IN FRANCE 61 Boucher; it may be also that Boucher saw the earlier and milder manifestations of the disease.

Of patients, whether operated or no, only five left the hospital.

Until the end of the eighteenth y.barger the ratio rye: His book on ergot was already rare in the eighteenth century, and is not included in the British Museum and the national libraries of Berlin, Berne, Munich and Paris; there are two copies in the library of the University of Basle.

Organism Names see more detailscarnivores carnivores Subject Category: In convulsive ergotism there were many intermediate stages from mere formication to epileptiform convulsions, in the gangrenous form the symptoms were mild, unless the critical limit was exceeded, when gangrene set in. Tessier who visited this district on account of the prevalent ergotism, states that it was well supplied with cattle [Stir les bestiaux de la Sologne, ].


He further assumed that the Athenians lived on ergotised grain imported from what is now Southern Russia, and that the home-grown grain of the Spartans was not ergotised. The cries of those in pain and the shedding of burned up limbs alike excited pity; the stench of rotten flesh was unbearable; ergohism were however cooled by the sprinkling of holy water and snatched from mortal peril 8.

I he sensus forniicationis was most common in the fingers, but sometimes extended over the arms and the whole body, and became most painful when it affected the tongue, These common milder symptoms did not greatly attract the attention of the earlier physicians, and often passed off; they might, however, be followed after a few weeks by more pronounced nervous symptoms, convulsive clonic muscular c 34 ERGOTISM twitchings von Leyden and tonic spasms of the limbs.

Deficiency of vitamin-A—a probable factor ergotidm convulsive ergotism. A girl of the same age became ill on the 12th and died on the 22nd. Lang; Scheuchzer also blamed ergot. Occasionally cows, to whom the latter mixture was given, were poisoned.

Ergot and Ergotism.

Noel was surprised that he had not a single adult woman among his patients. Probably very few even of informed readers realize the extent of epidemics of ergotism from the tenth century onwards right down to andwhen some 2 per cent. Here it was much rarer in the fertile districts than on sandy heaths, and in the latter much less common among farmers than among labourers and cottagers. Epidemics of in the Novgorod province, and of in that of Simbirsk were mixed; one in among the Don Cossacks much further south was predominantly gangrenous.

It was called pulvis ad partum and aand not only administered by midwives but also prescribed by a number of physicians. Export upto 10, records per session in batches of max. Only about one-quarter of this group of patients were completely cured. There are several descriptions: The Marburg physicians were in error in considering the disease to be infectious, a belief ergto by some later writers, no doubt because often in a family several members were attacked who would naturally live on the same diet.


Ergot and ergotism.

At the time when ergot was being introduced into official medicine in the United States, the information given about it in the Edinburgh Medical and Physical Dictionary [], by R. The most likely is perhaps an outbreak at the siege of Majorca in A11 epidemic at Leksand in was due to oats containing 22 per cent, of Bromus secalinus.

In winnowed grain the average was 1 per cent. Dimock, Rolls Series, No. Hussa described a particularly severe attack in a boy who had not eaten bread for six months and then consumed a large quantity containing 17 per cent, of ergot. Tunc enim videnuis quxdam femina longius ex fuis vtriculisfeu glumisprorendi,acin mediocrem ctiam craflitiem cxcrefce- re,nigrumq;colorcm foriscontrahere, intus Candida farina denfioris materia?

Of 37 samples of flour, 31 were found to contain an inadmissible amount of ergot. Yet other names are: Sequitur tanta mortalitas quod tarn igne sacro quam pestilentia multa millia hominum srgotism Chronicon Girardi de Fracheto, Bouquet, xxi. Cultivation of the ergot fungus in pure culture as a saprophyte.

Dewees of Philadelphia, at that time the largest town ertot the United States. Plorror est et infirmantes et recens sanatos intueri, et vestigio mortis evasm in corporibus eorum et faciebus exterminatis oculis pererrare Hugo Farsitus: Apart from them only sporadic g.baryer of ergotism were observed. Among the many accounts, the most detailed description of the disease is contained in a book on the miracles of St Mary of Soissons, de curatione ardentium, by a contemporary, Hugh Parsit People Groups see more detailssurveys surveys Subject Category: The exact cause of the disease remained as yet unknown and the Marburg faculty merely attributed it to bad food in general.

All suffered from severe convulsions, lasting a month; Bonjean also investigated gangrenous ergotism in a family near Chambery nad November

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