When a Nation Forgets God has ratings and 92 reviews. dvd said: This review can In When A Nation Forgets God, Erwin Lutzer studies seven similarities. 1 quote from When a Nation Forgets God: 7 Lessons We Must Learn from Nazi Germany: ‘The educational system became more focused on setting affective, not . Dr. Erwin Lutzer discovers some scary parallels in the culture that gave rise to the Nazis and what is happening in America today. Please check.

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Preachers are to exegete both Scripture and the audience; Lutzer here did a fine job in exegeting history and today’s political climate in the Fod.

10 Quotes From “When A Nation Forgets God” | Craig T. Owens

This excellent book is so important. When a Nation Forgets God: Refresh and try again. We are living in a time when secular socialism is taking over rapidly. I found myself highlighting portions of it to remember the key points.

When a Nation Forgets God: 7 Lessons We Must Learn from Nazi Germany

It lutxer mentions the Bible: In the book Hitler wrote Mein Kampff, the stradgey was with the youth, the emotion and the crowd and media. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The author then reminds the reader, if that were necessary, that what is evil is not necessarily illegal.

Every luter concerned about the direction of our nation, and our churches, should read this outstanding book. Tell me what you think about this The author manages to discuss this without painting the present as darker than it is, pointing out to readers, most of whom appear to have lived without an understanding of the historical context of Christianity, that our times, as evil as they are, give believers far more freedom than has been the case erwinn the majority of human history.


Although this book was particularly dark, though, it was not the sort of book that was designed to write about the culture wars and serve as red meat for partisans of [Note: Please contact Moody Church Media at 1.

I also thought that Lutzer focused too much on the liability side of the balance sheet. At Nuremberg, Robert H. The question becomes will we stand strong when our time comes or will we fold to social pressure, as those in Germany did?

God wants you to be healthy and wealthy too The war is not in political arena. The first major lesson has to do with what happens when God is separated from government.

As a friend of mine recently observed, perhaps the only thing standing between America, and a similar path to that followed by Germany, is our comparative economic prosperity.

This book is only pages but had more crucial information in it than books double its’ size. I look at what’s happenings in the once upon a time known as a Christian nations around the world but had abandoned God since. Lutzer draws seven similarities between the rise and fall of Nazi Germany and present day United States – political, economic, social, etc – and the historical examples we can learn by applying biblical principles.

I guess that the first impression most people natin have seeing such a title, would be skeptical about whether the author wrote it just because he is trying to come across as some prophecy expert with some sensational theory that would probably interest the prophecy fanatics. If we think this will not happen in the US, think again. Mar 08, Victoria rated it it was amazing. The book basically reminding Christians about our duty as Christians to bear witness of Jesus and the message of the Cross to the world even if by doing so we’ll be ridicule This is my first book from this writer and I’m impressed by his prose, writing style and his passion for his chosen subject or is it genre?!


He who controls the education of children controls the future.

When a Nation Forgets God Quotes

All views are my own. The Germans wanted a political savior. When the Cross is wrapped in the flag of a political party, it is always distorted or diminished. Notify lutzee of new comments via email. This message did not help the German church when the Nazi’s came into power and even before they came into power.

Christians have never wrwin it so good, we can broadcast our gospel, witness to our neighbors, but remember Him alone do we worship.